How to Know if you are Working with the RIGHT Recruiter!

How to Know if you are Working with the RIGHT Recruiter!

by Marketing Team | June 9, 2017

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do-you-have-the-right-recruiterAre YOU Working with the Right Recruiter?

We know how important the hiring/recruiting process has become.  And it all starts with selecting the RIGHT RECRUITER or RECRUITING ORGANIZATION – a PARTNER who understands the business impact of finding and hiring the RIGHT TALENT.

Here are some qualities we think every hiring manager should look for in the RECRUITERS they use to help navigate the Northwest’s competitive job market:

  • They are GREAT LISTENERS…and take the time to find out what is most important to you!  They ask the right questions; they listen to your answers; they provide helpful counsel on the best way to solve your staffing challenges.  They have ideas and strategies that address the specific staffing challenges you face. They take your feedback seriously and know what to do with it.
  • They have the RIGHT CONNECTIONS to the RIGHT CANDIDATES. They know the ins and outs of the local job and candidate market.    They know how to find a special “one off” employee, because they have connections into the specialty candidate markets where you have ongoing needs.
  • They KNOW HOW TO TELL YOUR STORY. And they tell it openly and honestly in ways that earns the trust of the candidates you want to hire.  They are authentic.  They are likable.  They are able to attract and keep the attention of the kind of talent you want to hire.
  • They are GREAT COMMUNICATORS – THEY STAY AWARE OF WHAT’S WORKING and WHAT’S NOT.  If there are obstacles finding the right candidate, they let you know. If you give them feedback on what you see as a candidate’s short comings, they clarify but don’t argue your concerns.  Their follow thru from beginning to end of the hiring process is flawless.
  • They PAY ATTENTION TO DETAILS…knowing that every step of the recruiting process requires attention. They view their craft as a serious profession – how they manage the small and large stuff can impact your hiring outcomes.
  • They SEE THE BIG PICTURE. They understand the business impact of any job that goes unfilled.  They engage with you as a business partner, building a relationship with you that reflects their commitment to YOUR RESULTS, not theirs.  Most importantly, they don’t give up until they have helped you solve your staffing challenge.
  • They are EASY TO DO BUSINESS WITH…making the entire hiring process quick, easy and personalized to fit what works for you. Their conversations are quick and upbeat – taking all the sticky stuff off your plate and onto theirs.   You can “feel” just how much they care about you, and your hiring outcomes.


Do these qualities describe your current recruiting partner?   If not, we can help you find the right recruiter and show you how the recruiters on the PACE team can make a difference in how you face your current staffing challenges.   Our services are full cycle – from finding you that just right long term hire, to finding specialized talent for short term challenges.


PACE 2017 Best LogoThe PACE Staffing Network has been providing recruiting and staffing support for Northwest employers for over 40 years.  We’re part of that elite group of staffing companies who have been voted by our customers as being in the top 2% of the staffing industry, earning the BEST of STAFFING designation by independent industry surveyor, Inavero.

You can check out our unique NETWORK solution by talking personally with Nancy Swanson, our VP of Partnership Development by phone at 425-537-3312 or email at

All service programs are custom designed to fit your specific staffing needs which means we start our relationship with a conversation about your staffing challenges to learn about what’s important to you.



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