What’s Better than a Working Mom? Two Working Moms!

What’s Better than a Working Mom? Two Working Moms!

by Marketing Team | June 30, 2016

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KellyMy name is Kelly B.   I have three children – Lowen (9), Derek (8), and Taytum (5).   My wife,  Tiffany,  is their birth Mom, but we both are Moms – Working Moms.

We are both firefighters for one of the local fire departments and we work 24 hour shifts – not an easy schedule to work around – even with TWO Working Moms.

Our schedules are busy…as you might imagine.   Next fall, all three of our children will go to the same elementary school…which is a big YAHOO because we will have only ONE Drop off and ONE pick up for two more years.

We are an active family who enjoy the outdoors, including camping, and spending time at our cabin.  Our family has a dog named Stella as well as seven chickens!

I have been with the same fire department for 24 years. I’m currently certified as a firefighter, a 911 dispatcher, and a paramedic.   I started my career at age 22 and I wouldn’t have guessed after twenty-four years of saving lives and fighting fires that my job continues to be fulfilling each shift. It is a job that provides a quality living for my family – something I really value.

Our biggest CHALLENGE impacting both Tiffany and myself as Working Moms, is being away from the family for 24 hours at a time and sometimes even up to 48 hours. Since our shifts are always rotating, I don’t get to experience the consistency I would like – or that I think our family would like.

The biggest gift from working and being a great parent is the joy of helping others in life threatening situations.   I think this is what has made it easy for me to be relaxed when my kids and other family members are in tough situations.

Another wonderful gift is the opportunity I can give back to my community and the kids’ school because of our unique 24 hour shift.  We have time that a lot of other parents don’t, and I feel honored to help others on and off duty.

The one suggestion I would make for employers who have employees working in non-traditional schedules is to offer a variety of child care options for overnight shifts.  That would have made our life so much easier and for some, would make the difference in being able to consider a particular job or career.

I am so glad you decided to do this piece on my family and donate in my name to the Boys and Girls Club.  They have so many amazing programs for youth.



We so appreciate the time it took for Kelly and Tiffany to take part in our celebration of working moms by sharing their story with us! And we’d also like to publicly thank them for their dedication to their family and their work with the fire department all while putting their lives on the line to help others!

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