“We Are Still Interviewing Other Candidates”… What Does This Really Mean?

“We Are Still Interviewing Other Candidates”… What Does This Really Mean?

by Sara Bennett | September 11, 2020

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There’s nothing worse than confidently ending a job interview for a role you are beyond excited about only to have the interviewer say “We are still interviewing other candidates”.


What does this really mean, how should you feel and what should you do about it?


Of course, there are many ways to interpret this line from an interviewer and with a few key insights you could uncover just what is possibly prompting them to say this.


For a busy hiring manager who like many is being asked to do more with less resources in the current economy, they may opt to say this to take the pressure off of them to quickly make a hiring decision or get back to you. In their minds, they are saying ““Don’t expect an answer from me right away because I have more interviews I have to do so I can make the best decision and avoid a costly hiring mistake.”


If a hiring manager has just launched a recruit, they are likely just now getting a feel for the current candidate landscape and what is out there and if their job description is relevant given the talent pool available to them (i.e. where they realize that wanting someone with 5+ years of experience in construction sales with PPC experience and is fluent in an industry specific CRM not widely used). In this situation, you are likely one of the first candidates they have interviewed so no matter how great you are, they are still calibrating their search and aren’t ready to make a choice. If you are the right candidate, they will need to figure that out over the course of a few more interviews.


Sometimes the specific  ‘we are still interviewing other candidates’ situation is difficult to get a read on, so don’t spin your wheels or get too stressed figuring out what your interviewer is really meaning.


So what should you do in this situation?


Firstly, respond with respect and patience. Sometimes this is difficult because we really want the job and can become very desperate.  A simple “Should I expect a callback or notification if the position is filled?” will effectively service this purpose.


After you leave the interview, be persistent and consistently make them aware of your interest in the role by following up every 5 business days (more on that in Tip #5 of this recent blog). A personal thank you message summarising some of the reasons you’re a great candidate can also provide some positive assurance in making their hiring decision!


Another strategic move to make in this position is to send an “I’m almost off the job market” email. Letting an employer know you have other opportunities can help you push things forward. 


No Matter What, Don’t Pin All Your Hope on One Interview


Don’t dwell and lose your inner confidence over one job – no matter how excited you are about the opportunity. Continue to move towards your career goals and control what you can in a job search – your own actions.


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