Want to REALLY Impress Your Interviewer? 5 Job Interview Hacks

Want to REALLY Impress Your Interviewer? 5 Job Interview Hacks

by Sara Bennett | August 25, 2020

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Woman, job interview hacksThere’s no better feeling as an anxious job seeker than knowing the interview is going well and you’re really connecting with your interviewer. When you answer a question in that ”just right” way that lands perfectly with the interviewer that they have all the confidence in your abilities and know you have all the skills they are looking for.  With these job interview hacks, you can expect more of these moments in your upcoming interviews!


(1) The Winning “Why Should We Hire You?” Strategy 

When the interviewer asks “Why should we hire you?”, answer by reiterating what you know about the role, talk about your skills and results you’ve had that will specifically address those needs, then flip the question back on the interviewer by asking “Is that how you see me in this role?” Color them impressed.


(2) Research the Company and Industry – Always!

Here is a job interview preparation hack that will impress the interviewers BIG time. Look up company information from these resources:

Company blog – A treasure trove of more candid info, a great place to get a feel for the company’s perspective and what types of internal activities they are up to (i.e. community involvement, employee gatherings, etc)

Press – This is an effective way to learn about a company’s recent activities such as mergers, new hires, expansions, etc. You can find this information on the company website and Google News

Industry news – Google search the industry of the company to get more info and identify competitors. Having a sharp insight into what’s happening in the industry is crucial.

Once you’ve gathered these resources, read them all and jot down anything notable. Finally, work what you learned into your interview answers. For example:

“What got me particularly interested in this role is how the Marketing Director described on the company blog how…”

“I am eager to join the Medical Device Industry because I saw that in the past 6 months alone it has grown to…”


(3)  Connect with Your Interviewer – Fast!

Want an easy way to quickly connect with your interviewer? Do your research – it doesn’t have to be complicated! 

Prior to the interview, ask who your interviewer is if you have not yet been given their name. Then, look them up on LinkedIn and find the following:

  • Know how to pronounce their name it if you’re unfamiliar
  • Know their tenure – Did they just start? Have they been at the company for a while?
  • Find something to connect with them on – Cities they’ve lived in, same alma mater, shared career history, anything!

Incorporate your research into your pre-interview conversation and your interviewer will likely be flattered that you took the time to not only research the company but them as well. Remember, job interviewers also get anxious about interviews so you’re doing both of you a favor.


(4) This One is For Video Interviews!

This hack is made especially for video interviews (which we’ll be seeing more common for the rest of the year). When positioning your computer in front of you before a video interview, stack it up on several books so that you aren’t looking downward during the interview. It subconsciously sends the signal to the interviewer that you are looking down on them. With this adjustment, you’ll no doubt stand out among the other candidates they have interviewed!


(5) Good Follow-Up is Important

Following up during the job search is one of the top ways to land the offer. When following up after the interview, avoid text in your follow-up emails like this: 


My email must be getting lost in your inbox…”

“Sorry to be  bothering you again, I’m very excited about this role..”

“You mentioned you would get back to me last week…”


Instead, avoid the nervous emotion by keeping it positive, suppose they need the reminder, and assume they have been eagerly meaning to write you back but keep getting occupied by urgent priorities. Persistence gets jobs.





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