The “Temp to Hire” Audition – A Best Practice in Hiring Right!

The “Temp to Hire” Audition – A Best Practice in Hiring Right!

by Jeanne Knutzen | July 8, 2014

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Temp to Hire Recruiting and Staffing Solutions Are Here to Stay!

Need to go to work quickly but don’t want to accept just any old job?

Want to hire quickly but not quite sure you can uncover the right candidate for the job in a conventional interview?

Employees and employers need to check out the new “temp to hire” work auditions that are quickly becoming the preferred way to hire or get to work quickly! The “temp to hire” employment model is all about minimizing the risk of making a hiring mistake.  Employers can check out employees on the job; job seekers can check out jobs – before either gives their final “I do’s!”

As employers continue to view their temporary employees as the perfect pool of eligible job candidates – where they look first when it’s time to hire – job seekers are viewing temporary jobs as a way to land a permanent role.

Staffing Industry Analysts reports that 1/3 of temporary assignments end in a permanent hire. My company, the PACE Staffing Network, does a little better than that with close to 38% of the employees who work for us on temporary assignments being hired by the employers where they are assigned to work.

There are significant upsides for both job seekers and employers for electing the temp to hire audition.

For employees, you get to go to work quickly, earning money while you are checking out a job and a work environment before making a final commitment. In some cases, we know an early trial period saves employees from the heartbreak of finding yourself in the wrong job!

For employers, you get a chance to “test drive” an employee before making a final job offer – eliminating the unwanted turnover that often happens in the first 90 days of employment. That’s when the realities of the actual work or the employee’s real work style doesn’t always match up with expectations, yours or the employee’s – and either they have to quit or you have to terminate – neither great options!

An added benefit is that throughout an employment audition, employers benefit from “getting work done” while employees have the benefit of a job and an income.

Employers have long experienced temporary staffing agencies as being great resources for quick access to employees and have been a proven solution when the situation calls for a quick recruit of specialized talent. Add that service feature to the benefits of “hiring right” and you’ve got a winning recruiting model that reduces an employer’s fixed costs and improves profits.

In today’s marketplace, 70% of the employees we put to work on temporary or contract assignments report that they are looking for permanent work.

With these longer term goals in mind, a series of temporary assignments  can expose job seekeers to the broader job market in an up close and personal way that you can’t do using traditional hiring processes. . In many cases, we can offer you a temporary assignment with an employer you might not have met on your own.

Job seekers might be surprised by the number of employers who do the large majority of their direct hire recruiting using the services of temporary staffing companies – we’re that way “in the door” to some of the best places to work in the Pacific Northwest.   

Using temporary or contract assignments as a pathway to permanent work is one of the main reasons why the number of people available for temporary work and the range of talent available for temporary or contract assignments has been increasing over the last decade.   By many accounts, the ability to hire employees who are not currently working is much easier than trying to attract away employees who are.

When a temp to hire strategy is implemented purposefully and correctly, permanent job offers are almost always the outcome of a working audition.

In our case, well over 80% of our formal auditions result in a job offer. And even though a particular temporary assignment was not tagged up front as a temp to hire audition, many  of our clients turn first to our temporary workers when it comes time to hire. In fact, some of our clients maintain their temporary employee pool strictly for that reason – keeping close the employees they want to hire quickly when the time is right!

jeanneThe PACE Staffing Network, has been helping employers implement strategically focused temp to hire staffing strategies since the late 90’s. During that time, we have also prepared job seekers on ways to use their temporary assignments as a way to gain permanent employment. When used properly, formal temp to hire auditions increase placement success significantly, producing happier employees and more efficient and profitable employers.

To check out how a temp to hire audition might work for you, contact our InfoDesk at or by calling 425-637-3312.

This article was written by Jeanne Knutzen, founder and CEO of the PACE Staffing Network.

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