My PACE Recruiter was a Real Warrior…

My PACE Recruiter was a Real Warrior…

by Marketing Team | August 22, 2016


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One of our Job candidates went out of his way to let his PACE recruiter know what an amazing job he did. Check out the kudos below from H.K.

When I was searching for a job on my own, I spent a huge amount of time and energy going from recruiter to recruiter with no results. None of them seemed to take my search seriously, and I always had to send hundreds of follow up emails just to receive a single reply.

Then I found PACE Staffing.  My recruiter wasn’t just a recruiter; he was my professional “Job Warrior”!  The people at PACE Staffing supported me from the beginning of the application process all the way through the interview until I got the job offer. It’s an amazing experience to work with people who are serious about fighting for you and helping you get the job you want.



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