Temp-to-Hire Working Auditions!

Temp-to-Hire Working Auditions!

by Sara Bennett | July 2, 2019

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The Temp to Hire staffing model is one of the most popular ways for  Northwest employers to hire.

Here’s three reasons why……

  • The auditioning process reduces hiring mistakes.  In the temp to hire audition, both the employer and the employee get a chance to experience each other “for real” – doing the “real” job, experiencing the “real” work environment – BEFORE there is a permanent commitment to hire, to accept an offer of employment.   An “audition period” is the perfect way to test out if the “match” is right BEFORE the final “I do’s”.
  • By using your staffing partner to do all the recruiting, your internal costs of hiring all but disappear.   In addition to the fact that a working audition takes all the guess work out of the hiring process, it also eliminates most of an employer’s internal recruiting costs.  Using PACE as your temp to hire partner, we will recruit, vett and present 1-3 candidate finalists for you to choose between for your workplace audition.  We then hire the employee on your behalf – all hands free for you.   There are no up front recruiting costs, no costs of onboarding and no hidden administrative costs – we take care of it all until you decide you to end the audition because you’re ready to hire, or to end the audition because the fit just wasn’t right.  And if the audition ends without a decision to hire, we field any claim for unemployment benefits, not you.
  • The temp to hire staffing model keeps a company ready to hire, nimble when the time is right, cautious when they’re not sure.  A temp to hire recruiting and hiring model is one of many flexible staffing options that have become so popular with Northwest employers, minimizing your comitments to additional fixed costs until the time is right.

A Temp to Hire audition is a very different way to use temporary staffing that isn’t always available thru companies who only do traditional recruiting or temporary staffing.  It’s always best to select a staffing company with a track record of selecting employees for temporary assignments as if they were going to be hired direct.   It takes the right partner and the right relationship to do that right!

To learn more about the temp to hire staffing model or to explore if it is the right staffing solution for you, fill out the information below and we’ll be in touch.  You can also contact our Partner Service and Solutions team directly at infodesk@pacestaffing.com or call us at 425-637-3312!

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