3 Ways to Onboard a New Temp: A Must-Do Checklist

3 Ways to Onboard a New Temp: A Must-Do Checklist

by Jeanne Knutzen | August 27, 2013

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PACE welcomeWelcoming a new temp and welcoming a new permanent employee both come with different responsibilities and different kinds of consequences, but both can have a powerful impact on company success. Even though a new temp may not stay with the company beyond the duration of their project or contract, they’ll still be making valuable contributions as long as they’re here. And when they leave, they’re carry away a set of impressions that can have an effect on the company’s reputation. So start this relationship off on the right foot by keeping a few considerations in mind.

1. Pave the way. Long before the day of their arrival, let your current employees know the new temp will be coming and tell them why. Explain what he/she will be doing, and let your employees know what their responsibilities will be regarding his/her work and his/her tenure here. If your team members are expected to answer the temps questions, review the projects, or provide them with training, don’t spring this on them the day the temp shows up.

2. Provide clear expectations and set clear goals. Don’t try to fumble through this process as you walk the new temp around and show him/her to their workstation; have these things worked out beforehand. As soon as the temp steps in the door, their hands should be busy and their attention should be focused until he/she leaves. If the temp is ever confused about their mission or finds themselves sitting idle for long periods of time, this is your responsibility, not theirs.

3. Provide open communication and constant feedback. Not just to the temp, but to the employees who will be working with or beside them as they moves through the day. If any obstacles or questions arise, address them right away. Meanwhile, make sure the temp knows how he/she is doing. If you can provide feedback yourself, that’s ideal, but if not, solicit feedback from their immediate supervisor. In addition to feedback that keeps him/her on course, they also need to know where to obtain the resources and answers needed to stay efficient.

Remember: a temp will only stay under your roof for a short time, so every minute of that time should be used to your advantage and theirs. Keep your temp occupied, engaged, and happy, and they’ll leave with a positive impression of your business. If you are looking for temp agencies in the Seattle area, contact the employment experts at PACE today.

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