All About Stryker


Stryker is a worldwide leader in medical technology that offers innovative products and services in Orthopaedics, Medical, Surgical, Neurotechnology and Spine that help improve clinic and hospital treatment for patients. With values of intergrity and accountability guiding management of over 36,000 employees worldwide, Stryker has delievered high-quality and effective solutions for nearly 100 years and continuously increasing sales growth for 39 years. Joining the local team here in Redmond will greatly benefit your career and get your foot in the door of a company that will no doubt continue to be an industry leader for decades to come.

Quick Facts

  • Year Founded: 1941
  • Number of Employees: 33,000 worldwide
  • Typical Work Hours: 4 10-hour shifts (M-Th)
  • Company Perks: Large corporate campus with plenty of parking, on the job training and Temp-to-Hire positions!

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Frequently Recruited Roles

  • Material Handlers (1 year contract)
  • Electronic Assemblers (1 year contract)
  • Electronic Test Engineers (6+ month contract)


Compliance (Eligibility to Work)

  • Drug Screen
  • Background Check
  • I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification


Hiring Process

  • Steps in the Hiring Process include:
    • Phone interview
    • In-person on-site interview
  • Types of Interview Questions You’ll Be Asked
    • How you perform within a fast-paced, production-driven environment
    • How you work within daily metrics
  • Types of Questions You Should Ask Your Interviewer
    • What daily metrics and production goals will you be responsible for?
  • After the interview, can you send a thank you note to your interviewer?
    • Yes, preferably through your PACE recruiter


Work Environment & Dress Code

Stryker’s warehouse environment can be described as production oriented and metrics driven, great for those who like to “get the job done”! Employees are able to take direction well and also effectively communicate with others for support.  Stryker (and their current team) values new employees who are well-organized and detail oriented, previous experience working in a production driven environment is a big plus!

Stryker utilizes temporary staffing solutions on a regular basis and contracted employees encompass a large part of their workforce. The positions offer the chance to be converted to a core employee, which is based on strong performance and good attendance.  In a production-oriented environment, temporary staffing solutions are important in helping the client get their product out the door and into the marketplace. New contracted employees are seamlessly incorporated into Stryker’s workforce with helpful, hands-on training to ensure you are feeling confident going into your new role!

A typical workstation at Stryker will consist of a desk and a computer.  Most positions require that you are on your feet moving around for the majority of the day, so there is not a lot of standing still!

The dress code at Stryker for a job interview is Business Casual but once hired the dress code is Casual. Given that most roles are within a production environment with heavy machinery, appropriate and protective footwear is required. Grooming and hygiene standards require employees to be clean shaven and well groomed in the workplace.


Parking, Location & Transportation

Free, on-site parking options are available. The worksite is also accessible by public transportation.


Stryker’s Address: 11811 Willows Rd, Redmond, WA 98052

Field Employees

Dane D.

Material Handler


What do you enjoy most about working at Stryker?

I like the culture there. It’s a really great place to work because the people are very friendly and they really go above and beyond to make sure that all of the employees and contractors feel comfortable and valued. It’s also a great facility because it has a great cafeteria where you can buy lunch if you want to, as well as a walking track and a gym (for full time Stryker employees only) but non the less its a very comfortable and friendly place to work, and the leadership is very accommodating of employee needs and concerns.

What makes Stryker different than other places you have worked?

I would say the importance that they place on cultivating a very friendly and inviting atmosphere where you always feel valued and welcome. They place a lot of importance on cultivating an atmosphere that makes the employees feel like they can be themselves, and they make it a point to let people find their own pace and way of accomplishing the tasks that they are assigned. Its not a micro managed environment even though there are heavy regulations and standards that are applicable to the medical device industry. very relaxed environment and everyone is really tolerant, respectful and polite to each other which isn’t always the case at every company.

What advice would you give you a candidate interviewing at Stryker?

I would tell them to smile and be friendly during the interview, and to not stress out about having all the right answers or knowing every detail of the position that your applying for. Stryker puts a ton of stock in peoples demeanor, social communication skills, and willingness to learn and grow. Technical proficiency and experience is important of course, but if you got the interview, then you probably have the credentials and experience to get the position or they wouldn’t have brought you in. Just relax, smile, answer the questions they ask you and be your awesome self !

What company perks does Stryker offer?

The company has a great cafeteria with great food choices from salads to burgers, they have a gym and a walking track, several kitchens on both levels of the facility, and if you do get hired they have a great benefits package that includes 401k matching, PTO, team building events and they pay you out your unused PTO and sick leave at the end of the year as an extra check if you have some unused. It’s a great place to work, but they are very selective about who they bring on board, so make sure to show up everyday on time and don’t miss to much work if you can help it. other than that, they really look for people who are able to fit into their culture and adopt their company values so that everyone feels comfortable working with each other and feels comfortable working there. The people who get hired on there as permanent employees tend to stay for a long time. Great place to work !

Eric E.

Material Handler


What do you enjoy most about working at Stryker?

Stryker is a great community of professional workers,  management, and Supervisors.

What makes Stryker different than other places you have worked?

Stryker provides support, education,  and numerous opportunities for ambitious individuals.

What advice would you give you a candidate interviewing at Stryker?

Stryker recognizes ambition. Stand up straight, hold your head up high, be confident and willing to learn.

What company perks does Stryker offer?

Stryker is a strong professional family environment that rewards its employees with everything from:
  • Personal recognition.
  • Sponsored lunches and dinners.
  • Bonuses
  • Insurance coverage
  • Clean and professional environment