Steps in the Placement Process

Steps in the Placement Process

by Sara Bennett | June 18, 2019

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An Overview of our Placement  Process – from  first point of contact to  starting work!

Step 1 / Our First Connect   

If you are getting this post we likely have already had our first contact.  We likely became aware of you in one of two ways…..

  • You responded to one of our job postings you found on line.
  • We reached out to you because we saw your profile on line or via social media.

Once we have your resume it gets downloaded into our database and we now begin the work to capture important data about your profile.

The next steps will depend on how closely your resume matches up with jobs we normally represent.

  • If we have an immediate opening that fits your profile we’ll reach out right away.
  • If not, it may take up to a week.  Be patient…..we want to respond to each person who applies but its all a matter of time.

If we don’t think we are the right resource for the type of work you’re looking for, we’ll let you know right away.  We don’t want to waste your time.

TIP – Make sure your resume contains current contact info – current phone number, and email so that we can reach you quickly.        

Step 2 / We Reach Out.

If,  based on your skills and work experiences,   you’re  identified as a candidate for a current or anticipated job opening, we’ll contact you by text, phone or e mail to request time for our first conversation.  Our reach outs will always be identified as coming from PACE.

TIP –  Be prepared to respond to our reach outs quickly.  Great jobs in the current job market, don’t last long! We’ll try to reach you 2-3 times, but if we don’t hear from you we will assume you either are not interested or are no longer looking for employment.    

Step 3 / Our “First” Conversation – the “GOLD CALL” 

Once we’ve connected, we’ll spend 20 – 30 minutes in a “first conversation”,  discussing your qualifications for a specific job or refining the information that goes into our data base.

We call this first conversation a “gold call” because its when we identify your “gold” – the specifics of what you do and the type of job you are looking for.

Leaving our “gold call”,  you will know…

  • Enough about the job you applied for to determine it is a possible fit for you. If there are things about your background that are “knock out” factors, we’ll let you know right away.  We don’t want to waste your time.
  • Our assessment of our ability to help you find the type of job you are looking for. We’ll make sure you know how often we get the type of jobs you prefer.
  • Next steps – what we will do next to pursue a particular job or future jobs. Typically we will ask you to provide us with reference information and in some cases take some on line skill or aptitude assessments that will become part of your presentation package (see step 4 below)

During the gold call we gather information we use to refine the information we already have in your placement profile:

  • The type of work you are seeking – what you do and don’t want to do
  • Your skills and interests
  • Where you want to work – in what geographical location
  • What pay and benefit offerings are necessary for you to even consider a job
  • What type of work arrangement works for you – temporary, contract, work auditions, direct hire, full time or part-time. PACE provides placement opportunities in all these categories.

TIP – If you think there may be issues that will come up in getting you placed, the  “gold call” is a great time to discuss those issues.  Don’t assume one “issue” in your background or employment history will eliminate you as a candidate, as it likely won’t.  Never lie about your education or work history, as falsifying your application is always ground for not considering you as a candidate.  

Step 4 / Assessments. References. Your Presentation Package

Once we’ve identified that you have the skills and experience required for a specific job, we begin immediately digging deeper into your skill levels, gathering information we can use in your “presentation package.”

The assessment information that goes into a typical presentation package includes….

  • An updated resume – We will review your resume carefully, letting you know what changes you may need to make in its content or format in order to be positively received by an employer.
  • References from previous employers – We will invite you to a portal that gathers up the information we need to contact at least 3 previous employers. Its always a good idea to prepare your references for our reach out.
  • Professional skill, experience or aptitude assessments – to provide info we can use to make sure your skills, knowledge and aptitude “matches” what our client is looking for. All assessments are administered on line.  Results will be shared with you so that together we can talk about how you might experience the work.

TIP – Respond quickly to all requests to supply data or information to your presentation package. Try to respond within 2 hours of each request to make sure we can present you to an employer in a timely manner. . 

Step 5 / A Job Specific Interview

This is a conversation focused on the details of the job, the company, the employer’s screening requirements – all those things that assesses your “fit” at a deeper level.  We also use the job specific interview to get you ready to interview.

A job specific conversation will vary depending on the type of work you are seeking.  At the end of a job specific interview you should know…

  • Enough about the job opportunity to be clear if it is the “right fit” for you – Job content.  Rate of Pay. Location.  Terms of employment.  Special challenges or opportunities
  • How the employer intends to select the candidate they hire – how you will experience their selection process.
  • How to present yourself in your interview with the employer – dos and don’ts.
  • How you match up against competitive candidates. What you have to do to present yourself in the best possible light
  • Other job opportunities from PACE that might come up in the future – what other employer’s we represent who frequently ask us to find candidates like you
  • Next Steps – how PACE will proceed to represent you as a candidate. You always have the last word in whether or not your presentation package is given to any employer

TIP – Your client specific conversation needs to be an honest and candid exchange of information and facts about what you have done in your previous jobs so that both you and your interviewer can determine if the job is the right fit for you.   If the job turns out not to be a good fit, we will work with you to find that job that best works for you.      

Step 6 /  The Employer’s Selection Process – From Consideration to Offer

This part of the process varies by client but typically involves a client reviewing your presentation package, followed by an interviewing process involving the hiring manager or members of a hiring team.  Final vetting varies depending on the company’s selection standards.  Our role is to provide you with guidance every step of the way starting with the employer’s selection process, their offer, your acceptance.

TIP – If at any time in the employer’s selection process you lose interest in the job, or find you are more interested in another opportunity,  please let your recruiter know asap so that we don’t waste anyone’s time.   

Step 7 /   Compliance

If you are selected for the work opportunity you will be required to complete the employer’s compliance or on-boarding requirements before you can start work.  That process can take anywhere from 2-5 days, depending on how many compliance requirements you need to meet and how quickly you respond to our requests for information.

If you will be working for our client directly, those steps will be managed directly by our client.  If you will be working for us as part of a temporary or contract opportunity or work audition, we will be your employer and will manage those on-boarding requirements on their behalf.

PACE uses an HR portal to make sure that you receive and and have a chance to review all required documents.  A member of our team who will help you provide the documents we need from you which typically includes….

  • Documents supporting required authorizations to work in the US
  • Documents allowing us to do a third party criminal background check, and/or drug screen
  • Documents providing proof of required immunizations (primarily for our healthcare clients).

Step 8 – CONGRATULATIONS – You’re ready to start work! 

You have completed all steps in the placement process and are ready to start work!    


PACE Staffing Network is one of the Puget Sound’s premier staffing /recruiting agencies and has been helping  Northwest job seekers find their “just right” jobs for over 40 years.

A  3 time winner of the coveted “Best in Staffing” designation , PACE is ranked in the top 2% of staffing agencies nationwide based on annual surveys of customer satisfaction.

We provide multiple placement options….

  • Direct Placement – Full or Part Time
  • Temp to Hire Auditions
  • Short or Long Term Temporary or Contract Assignments – Full or Part Time

There is never a fee to a candidate  using our services.  Paid absence and healthcare benefits are provided to employees assigned to work at client sites thru our services. .

For additional help or guidance on how to register contact our Candidate Services team at 425-637-3301 or e mail candidates services at

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