We Stepped into Your Shoes and Liked What We Found!

We Stepped into Your Shoes and Liked What We Found!

by Sara Bennett | January 16, 2024









Sharing Our Results-Based Hiring Model from an Up Close and Personal Point of View! 

And YES – it made a difference!

You know how it goes – sometimes you just need to walk a mile in your customers’ shoes to know if you’re keeping your service promises.  While we always talk about how our staffing and hiring processes “make a difference” it had been a while since we had put that promise to a test, up close and personally.

We did just that recently with an internal hiring project.  As you might guess we’ve recently added some new AI tools to our recruiting and candidate vetting processes, and wanted to experience first hand in what ways they made a difference to who and how our customers hired.  Because we’re a smaller employer, like many of our readers, we know how easy it is to get caught up in the hustle of hiring and either skip a step (or two) or take a shortcut that we know increases our chances of making a hiring mistake.  The question we had for ourselves as we “walked in our customer’s shoes” was IF we do each and every step of the process we recommend for our clients, how would that change who and how we hired.  

In mid November 2023 we decided to create a new role in our Partner Services and Solutions team and hire someone to fill that role.  That became the perfect opportunity to test drive all the steps in our results focused hiring process and experience up close and personally how it “made a difference”.  that was our journey.  This blog describes what we learned.  

Have to admit that from an employer perspective we couldn’t have been more pleased with how we experienced our Results Focused hiring journey…

We discovered that……

  •  …the new AI technologies we either have in place or will have in place soon have a huge impact on how quickly we can source and vet the right candidates for hire .  We see that in 2024, AI will be a big game changer for PACE and our customers.  Faster Better Easier v2.   
  • ..our results based candidate profiling process is a big help in pin pointing the type of candidate needed.  Walking ourselves thru the same profiling process we use with our clients totally changed our sense of who we wanted to hire – focusing more on talents than actual here and now skills or work experience.  We got very clear on the results we needed our new hire to achieve in the first 90 days and in the first year – which prompted a lot of adjustments in the type of candidate we got prepared to hire.
  • …how you message to candidates during the recruiting process matters!   Our recruit included a story-driven job posting and targeted outreach calls to candidates and focused on the goals we needed our new hire to achieve, and important elements of the context of our hiring project – why we were hiring.  We had many candidates to choose from and are left to wonder if employers who can’t find candidates to hire are, in fact, causing their own problem by less than effective candidate messaging.
  • …how important a multi step candidate vetting process is to hiring success.   From the screening and evaluation questions we used in our interviews, to the professionally constructed aptitude assessments we administered to candidate finalists,  we uncovered information relevant to our hiring decision – which candidate was most likely to get the results we needed.
  • …the temp to hire auditioning process still matters!  We auditioned the candidate we hired for 2 weeks which allowed us to how she would handle the key elements of the job BEFORE we extended the job offer.  We continue to advocate to our clients that their hiring model includes that last step.

How would we rate our “walk in our client’s shoes” experience?  

We loved what we saw and learned about how our results focused hiring process makes a difference.  We’ve hired an A+ addition to our team – Gina Castillo,  who because of our hiring process, engaged with us in such an authentic way early in the process.  We learned that our in depth recruiting discussions, focused on our story and the results they would be expected to achieve (not qualifications or job duties) played a big role in that engagement.  When we were ready to offer the job,  Gina was more than ready to accept our offer. Engagement matters

Knowing how much we had learned by experiencing our service thru the eyes of our employer clients, we wanted to know from Gina how she experienced our hiring process from her perch as a candidate.    

Here’s How She Describes that Experience in Her Own Words! 

Hey there, I’m Gina Castillo, the new face at PACE’s Partner Services and Solutions team. I’m thrilled to be asked to share my experience with PACE’s hiring process as I have much to say.  At the time I was going thru the process I knew it was different from what I had experienced elsewhere.  I was learning about myself and what was important to me.  I was authentically engaged with PACE’s plans and goals for their new employee every step of the way – starting with their job posting!

A Job Posting That Told a Story

What first caught my eye about PACE wasn’t a boring job description. It was a story – one that made me envision being part of something bigger. This narrative approach was a breath of fresh air, making me feel connected right from the start.  I’ve learned that including story telling in every job posting is one of the things PACE does well…and that they know how to attract the kind of candidates their clients want to hire.

Looking Beyond the Resume

PACE’s team really knows how to dig deep. They looked at my resume from angles I hadn’t even considered, uncovering talents I either didn’t know I had or hadn’t thought to highlight. It was like they were reading between the lines to find a hidden gem.  Again, I’m told this “digging for talent” capability is a big deal for PACE clients in a candidate market where candidates don’t grow on bushes .

Engaging Talent Like Never Before

PACE gets it – to attract people like me, engagement is crucial. Their process isn’t just about finding someone to do a job, it’s about finding someone who is not only good at what they are asked to do, but will be intrinsically motivated to do it well.

The ‘Try-Before-You-Buy’ Last Step…

…which I viewed as the last step towards a win win hiring decision.  It was like a test drive for both sides, an opportunity for me to get hands-on experience doing the job, experiencing how the PACE team works together.  What I learned during the audition gave me the confidence to know I was making the right decision to go to work for PACE.

Red Flags or Hidden Talents?

I saw first hand that PACE recruiters don’t eliminate candidates because their resume didn’t check all the boxes.  Mine didn’t, but that didn’t stop PACE from taking the time to fully identify my ability to achieve the results they had laid out for the job.  They talked to me about those results from the very beginning (why their process is called results focused)   Their dig-in approach to talent discovery,  helped me see how certain aspects of my work history and educational background would benefit both of us if I was selected for the job.  I was excited right from the start.

A Journey of Mutual Discovery

Joining PACE felt like a two-way discovery. Their needs aligned with my aspirations and vision for myself, leading to a genuinely engaging experience.  I knew right from the start that they intended to find the “win” for both of us.

A Warm Type of Professionalism

What I’ve learned from my time with PACE during the hiring process and after is that professionalism doesn’t have to be stiff and formal. It’s about understanding and respecting the real person, with real goals, with real strengths and weaknesses.  Experiencing this approach has made me a believer that what we do and now we do it creates wins for both employers and candidates.

PACE’s Innovative Approach to Hiring and Staffing Makes a Difference!  

I’m sure I’m biased,  but as a new hire who has recently experienced PACE’s staffing model,  I see it as a beacon of innovation in the hiring and staffing marketplace.  It’s not just about finding the right person for the job or temporary assignment, but on the candidate side its about creating a space where shared goals and values can be explored and talked about openly.  PACE’s commitment to finding that “right fit”, their curiosity about all people, and their desire to make genuine connections, won me over big time.  That would be true even if I hadn’t received an offer to join their team!

Today, I’m so glad I decided to join the PACE team.  Even though I will be working primarily with the employer side of PACE’s business, knowing that every candidate we touch gets such an awesome candidate experience, builds my confidence that what we deliver to our customers as we step the thru their role in a results focused hiring process makes a difference that matters to both employers and job seekers.


PACE Staffing Network is one of the Puget Sound’s premier staffing /recruiting agencies and has been helping Northwest employers find and hire employees based on the “right fit” for over 45 years.

A 5-time winner of the coveted “Best in Staffing” designation , PACE is ranked in the top 2% of staffing agencies nationwide based on annual surveys of customer satisfaction.

PACE services include temporary and contract staffing, temp to hire auditionsdirect hire professional recruiting servicesEmployer of Record (payroll) services, and a large menu of candidate assessment services our clients can purchase a la carte.

If you’re a hiring manager looking for a service that will actually “make a difference” to who and how you hire, contact us at 425-637-3312 or fill out this form and we’ll be in touch!

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