EARN $$$ while HELPING Somone You Know Find That “JUST RIGHT” JOB!

Know someone who would be a good “fit” for one of our featured recruits?

PACE pays $$$ for your referrals!


  • Fill out the form below to let us know who you are and who you are referring.
  • If  your friend is hired by PACE or one of our clients within 3 months of your referral and works a minimum of 200 hours, we’ll either send you a bonus check OR if you are currently on our payroll, we will automatically include your referral bonus on your paycheck.

Referral Bonus Schedule…

  • $50 for referrals on jobs paying $20/hr or less
  • $100 for referrals on jobs paying $20.01/hr or more
  • $200 for referrals to candidates hired direct

Don’t hesitate! This is your chance to help a friend or relative find that just right job while putting some extra dollars in your pocket!

NOTE:  Your referrals must be candidates who are new to PACE and not currently active.  And yes, you can even refer yourself for one of our featured jobs, as long as you’re not currently registered for placement!

  • Where we can send your bonus $$$
  • The name of the person you are referring for one of our featured jobs!