HIRING HELP / A Byte Sized Menu of Affordable Recruiting Support Services

HIRING HELP / A Byte Sized Menu of Affordable Recruiting Support Services

by Jeanne Knutzen | January 16, 2021

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Sometimes You Just Need a Little Help….

…particularly when it comes to getting access to all the recruiting support services you need.   Smart recruiters know that short cutting the hiring process is never a good idea, but investing in the resources to “do it all” can be costly.  Sometimes your internal recruiter(s) just needs a little recruiting support – hiring help!

HIRING HELP (H2) is a way to make sure the details of your hiring process are done smartly while keeping your hiring teams focused on the high impact interactions with candidates that only they can do.  H2 speeds up your hiring process, ensures no steps in the vetting process are missed, and offers  enhanced candidate evaluation and selection services to avoid hiring regrets down the road.

Here’s our back story around Hiring Help!

We know that many employers avoid recruiting agencies altogether because  1) they offer only one service option –  the full deal recruiting package which isn’t always what’s needed;  2)  their fees for these services are too high – oftentimes 30% or more of a new hire’s annual wage;  and 3) if they’re already invested in internal resources they simply don’t want to duplicate costs.

We hear you….and have decided to take a very different approach.  While we have several clients who need the full A-Z outsourced recruiting option, we have several clients who use us for specific components of their hiring process – augmenting what they are already doing internally.  HIRING HELP packages are custom designed to close the gaps between you want your hiring process to look like and what you have the resources to do.

Here’s just a few of the more popular options from our HIRING HELP menu…

  • Job and Preferred Candidate Profiling – a deliverable that lists all the factors important to job, company and team “fit”
  • Discounted Job Posting Services – where we can prepare and post your job opening in places most likely to get the responses you need at a much lower cost than if you went direct.
  • Resume Reviews – taking that unorganized stack of resumes out of your inbox and delivering them back into a short list of candidates ranked by probability of “fit”.  A highly personalized form of AI.
  • Screening and/or Evaluation Interviews – to make sure your team only spends time on real candidates – willing and able to go to work for you
  • In Depth Reference Checks and Other “Verification” Services – to make sure that who you think your hiring on Friday is the same person who shows up for work on Monday morning.
  • Third Party Criminal Background Checks and Compliance Management  – to make sure i’s are dotted, t’s are crossed.
  • Professional Skill, Cognitive and Motivational  “Fit” Assessments – that go below the surface to ensure the “right fit”

HIRING HELP provides recruiting suport where you need it the most.  It can expedite your hiring process when you’re hiring just one high impact employee or when you have two short weeks to find 20 folks for your growing Call Center.

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