INTRODUCING R3. A NEW Way for Small and Medium Sized Employers to Access WORLD CLASS Recruiting Support

INTRODUCING R3. A NEW Way for Small and Medium Sized Employers to Access WORLD CLASS Recruiting Support

by Sara Bennett | May 4, 2020

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R3 = The Right Recruiting Resources – NOW!

Recognizing that traditional search or agency pricing models are likely going to be too expensive for many small to medium sized employers during the post covid BUILD BACK,   PACE is introducing a new way for employers to tap into their agency grade recruiting services, using an on demand, by the hour pricing model.

R3 gives employers the same access to PACE’s state of the art recruiting processes, technology based candidate assessment and screening tools, and our large network of seasoned recruiting strategists and recruiting professionals that our employer partners have always enjoyed, but we’ve radically changed how these services can be purchased.

For employers who need to hire but find themselves either short on internal resources, or no longer able to afford high priced agency fees, R3 is a hiring solution that allows you to …

  • Purchase the specific recruiting support you need  – by the hour, on demand.

  • Dramatically reduce the costs you are currently spending each time you hire

  • Tap into world class recruiting support when and how needed

  • Reduce hiring errors/Improve the quality of employees hired.

R3 is a SMART ALTERNATIVE to companies who either 1) don’t have internal recruiting resources, 2) want to downsize the resources they have, or 3) need to augment their existing resources from time to time as hiring needs fluctuate.

R3 differs from both traditional agency and contract recruiter hiring solutions in that services are priced by the hour and on demand.  Overall recruiting packages (and budgets) might vary based on the level of recruiting expertise needed to find that “just right” candidate .  In all scenarios  R3 will dramatically reduce our client’s costs per hire.

For example, an employer hiring a senior member of their admin staff admin earning $70K annually, would pay an agency fee ranging between $14-21K for a full service package – with very minimal to non existent guarantees of hiring success.  Using R3 the employer can easily hire the same or a potentially an even better suited candidate with a recruiting budget of $4K or less.      

Perhaps even more importantly, R3 delivers enhanced hiring consultations and professional guidance every step of the way – resulting in better hires, fewer hiring mistakes.  R3’s dedicated support allows the right hires to made faster, with minimized disruption to an employer’s internal operations.

Need to be convinced? Here’s what one of our top clients, Fierce Inc, have to say about the impact of PACE’s services!

“We’ve been using the PACE team for all of our hiring and staffing needs since last September. They’ve helped us hire 7 sales/marketing professionals, two at the VP level. By turning over the Talent Acquisition elements of our business to the PACE team, we’ve gotten access to high level recruiting/hiring expertise, while keeping our managers focused on other business challenges. We’ve nipped a potential turnover issue in the bud and are already experiencing the momentum created by the right new hire! And the cost of these hiring results? About 20% of what we used to pay in search fees. Our leadership team considers PACE an extremely valuable business partner!” 

Ed Beltran, CPA Chief Financial Officer, Fierce Inc


The R3 Back Story

R3 was birthed out of our recognition that the post covid period would see many employers  reconfiguring how they do business, using variable rather than fixed cost business models everywhere they can – recruiting and hiring resources being no exception.

We also anticipate that when employers needed to hire direct, they would need a low cost way to access the recruiting resources needed to navigate a very changed candidate marketplace.  We anticipate a perfect storm – where hiring the right employees will be more important than ever before as businesses compete to re build their businesses, but with companies no longer able to justify the fixed costs of in house recruiting teams or high cost search services.

Here’s FIVE REASONS why PACE has abandoned our agency roots to embrace  R3  – a new and innovative way to purchase world class recruiting services.

1. Contingency agency fees are just TOO EXPENSIVE.

The beauty of working with a most search agencies whose fees are contingent, is that you pay nothing for their services unless they make the placement. The downside of this model, however,  is that fees need to be higher when a placement is made in order  cover the costs of hiring projects where there wasn’t a hire.   Let’s face it paying an agency’s 20% -30% of your new hire’s annual wage, is no small piece of change.  The R3 model charges service fees only for services actually delivered.

2. Traditional agency services aren’t set up to DELIVER QUALITY HIRES.

When fees are contingent and a recruiter is competing with other solutions for the client’s attention, the speed with which a recruiter can produce a candidate available now, often becomes more important to placement success than the quality of employee hired.  Not good!

3. A ONE SIZED service platform DOESN’T FIT ALL NEEDS!

Paying a 20-30% of annual earnings fee for a hard to find  software engineer or a seasoned sales person might make sense, but that same pricing model applied to other types of jobs where candidates are easier to find, doesn’t. R3 costs are always aligned with the time and expertise and that goes into the final result, which is often unrelated to an employee’s annual earnings.

4. Agency recruiters are not incented to ADD VALUE!

Agency recruiters get paid for moving the hiring process quickly from spec to hire, not necessarily to help their clients create the right spec or hire the right employee.  All recruiters now that not all of the things they do require the same level of expertise.   R3 charges clients by the hour based on the level of expertise needed, reducing overall hiring costs.

5. Agency recruiters can’t afford to be CANDIDATE NEUTRAL.

Traditional recruiting agencies only get paid if their client hires a candidate they represent.  There’s little to no incentive for an agency recruiter to help their client hire the “best candidate.”

R3 is the right solution for companies who want to stay committed to “hiring right” but consider traditional agency services either too expensive or not always delivering the consultative level of services needed.  R3 represents a new generation of world class recruiting services, fully customized to each employer’s needs, dramatically reducing an employer’s hiring costs while improving the quality of employees hired.

Getting started is easy.  Call us today for a more detailed analysis of your upcoming recruiting needs, and we’ll prepare a budget to help you compare the costs of R3 services against other recruiting alternatives.  Call our Partner Services and Solutions team at 425-637-3312 or e mail us at



PACE Staffing Network is one of the Puget Sound’s premier staffing /recruiting agencies and has been helping Northwest employers find and hire employees based on the “right fit” for over 40 years.

A  4 time winner of the coveted “Best in Staffing” designation , PACE is ranked in the top 2% of staffing agencies nationwide based on annual surveys of customer satisfaction.

PACE services include temporary and contract staffing, temp to hire auditionsdirect hire professional recruiting servicesEmployer of Record (payroll) services, and a large menu of candidate assessment services our clients can purchase a la carte.

To learn more about how partnering with PACE will make a difference to how you find and hire employees,  contact us at 425-637-3312 or e mail our Partner Solutions  team  at

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