PACE’s Newest Team member Loves Our Candidates and Penguins!

PACE’s Newest Team member Loves Our Candidates and Penguins!

by Marketing Team | March 26, 2018

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PACE Staffing Network is excited to welcome our new Candidate Services Manager, Nicholas Black,  to the PACE team and to introduce him to our job seeker and employer clients.  Nick’s role at PACE is dedicated to ensuring that each candidate we attract to work for our clients has a personal and positive application and registration for placement experience.  Nick works closely with our recruiting team as the ‘face’ of PACE for any and all incoming candidate needs.

Nick comes to PACE with a variety of career experience ranging from support roles in the healthcare industry, to sourcing candidates and recruiting.  The one thing we noticed when we were interviewing Nick for hire is that throughout his career he always found a way to show his passion and compassion for helping people at times when it would be easy for them to feel uncomfortable.   Nick consistently finds his own success and happiness in being that upbeat and positive voice that helps others solve a problem or achieve a goal.

A few fun things about Nick-

  • He loves penguins – don’t ask us why but on his first day of work, in they came (the stuffed kind)
  • He has zero impulse control around goldfish crackers
  • He loves sports; watching baseball, football, hockey, and basketball; playing golf, racquetball, cycling, swimming and bowling
  • He is an avid fantasy football participant

If you are a candidate looking for your next career move, or want to learn a little more about what PACE has to offer, please reach out to Nick!  If you’re an employer who works with our team to help you find and hire talented employees,  rest assured that the candidates we refer to you will have had a positive experience throughout our vetting process.  You can email Nick at or call him at 425-654-8792


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PACE Staffing Network is a 2017 and 2018 Best of Staffing winner and a leading Northwest staffing and recruiting agency who have been helping  local employers find and hire talented employees for over 40 years.  To contact the PACE team call 425-637-3312 or email us at

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