Mike Gunther

Mike Gunther

by Marketing Team | May 25, 2018

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PACE Staffing Recruiting ManagerMy name is Mike Gunther and I’m the Recruiting Manager for PACE Staffing Network.  I started working for PACE in September of 2013.  It’s my role to find the best candidate for my customers and to assist them in their screening and interview process.  I really love having the opportunity to make a difference by providing someone with a job they may not have been able to find otherwise.  I decided to work for PACE because got a sense right away that PACE was a company of integrity and a place that upheld a high standard of service.  Two things that are very important to me!  With unemployment rates at a historical low, this is a difficult time to be in staffing.  I enjoy the challenge of uncovering those hard to find candidates.

A lot of positions I work on require bilingual language skills.  Often times, with candidates who are seeking their first job in the US.  It’s a great source of pleasure to place someone into their first job.  A number of the bilingual employees I’ve placed have received promotions and/or conversions from a temporary employee into permanent employment and it means a lot to hear back from them with a simple “thank you” for simply giving them an opportunity to prove themselves.

On my time off I enjoy going to music concerts, DJ’ing at events, viewing art, traveling and collecting vinyl records.  My favorite quote is,  “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” – Wayne Gretzky.

Here is an awesome picture of Mike doing what he loves, DJ’ing at an event.



Pace Staffing NetworkPACE has had the pleasure of having Mike on our team for 5 years now and he does a phenomenal job for us!  He is a heads-down worker and is extremely dedicated to his craft.  Thanks Mike for all your hard work!


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