One of Our STARZ Makes a Difference in a BUSY Northwest Call Center!

One of Our STARZ Makes a Difference in a BUSY Northwest Call Center!

by Lauren Molitor | March 30, 2017

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We couldn’t be happier to add Khalid Jahmmany to the PACE MAD/”Make a Difference” team.  From what our client is telling us he has been a super star from the first day of his assignment in a “temp to hire” role.

Here is Khalid’s “MAKE A DIFFERENCE” story:

Khalid had only been in the U.S. for two months before PACE hired him and placed him at a busy call center who was launching a new service targeted towards customers who didn’t always speak English.  He was perfect for the job because he speaks both Arabic and English fluently.

It took no time at all to figure out that Khalid was a great fit for our client in one of their key  bilingual roles.

Almost from the start Khalid made a difference in the way he was able to assist customers.   Many of our client’s clientele are refugees from other countries who have come to the United States, like Khalid, to pursue their dreams.  He could definitely relate.

Khalid’s strong customer service orientation, teamwork skills, and initiative helped him earn multiple recognitions for both call volume and call quality.  His personal productivity impacted our client’s performance metrics right from the beginning, earning him the opportunity to take a lead role on the team.   “Khalid has continuously excelled as an agent and lead.”

After a short three months, Khalid not only positioned himself to be hired by our client directly (passing multiple performance benchmarks) but was promoted into a permanent lead role. He now not only gets to use his customer service talent extenrally with his customers, but also internally with his team.

In interviewing Khalid for this story he thanked both PACE and our client for believing in him and supporting his career development.  He says he has become more confident as an employee and now a member of the leadership team.  He continues to love his work environment and his co-workers, and the respect they all hold for each other.

We asked Khalid what advice he would give to other candidates looking for their first job in the U.S. “I recommend the PACE Staffing Network because they take the time to place people where they fit. PACE really values their employees and I had a great experience with them.”    

We couldn’t be more proud of Khalid and what he has been able to achieve since we placed him with one of our favorite clients. He definitely figured out how to make a difference!

If you’re a job seeker who is fluent in English and at least one other language contact the PACE recruiting team at 425-637-3311 or email us at  We have multiple clients who have ongoing needs for employees with bilingual language skills.

LaurenFor additional information and ideas about ways to make a difference in your next job or temporary assignment, email me at or give me a call at 425.654.8788. I’m Lauren Molitor, the Partner Services Specialist at the PACE Staffing Network.  My job is making sure our client partners and partner- to-be are armed with the best practices on hiring and managing employees to optimal levels of performance.


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