My Recruiter and PACE stand out for me

My Recruiter and PACE stand out for me

by Marketing Team | June 23, 2015

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I have had the pleasure to work with one of your recruiters these past two weeks. I was offered a job through your services today. I’m reaching out to you to share my great experience in working with the PACE team and my recruiter.

My experience with other well-known staffing agencies in Seattle has been disappointing. I’ve been very frustrated working with recruiters who simply collected my resume to meet their quota for the day and then never heard from again,

The recruiter I had and PACE stand out for me. He related very well to the human-side of searching for a job! He is professional and articulate in pairing the relationships between employee and employer. He not only helped me refine how I presented my skills, but was very responsive in communicating to both me and his employer client.

I appreciate his efforts and believe he represents what a true recruiter should be!

-Lesley J., recent PSN placement

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