Meet our New Associate VP – Sarah Koss

Meet our New Associate VP – Sarah Koss

by Marketing Team | November 1, 2017

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When it Comes to Taking Care of Customers – she is WORLD CLASS! 

When it Comes to Everything Else – she’s no CHICKEN (Read on to learn more!)

We are excited to welcome new PACE team member, Sarah Koss, who joined our team in early October.  Sarah’s official title is Associate VP of Partner Services and Solutions as she’ll be heading up a team of customer engagement specialists who will be working closely with our customers, planning ahead to meet their future staffing needs.  In one of the tightest employee markets in a couple of decades, Sarah’s team is missioned to keep our recruiting pipelines ready to provide the staffing solutions you need – when you need them.

Sarah’s background isn’t just about SERVICE or SOLUTIONS.   Yes, she has an outstanding track record as one of Nordstrom’s youngest and most successful business leaders, managing a multi million dollar business unit, but there are many things about Sarah that make her such a great fit for our leadership team.  She is a strong advocate for Seattle’s Big Brothers Big Sisters organization, she loves photography, and two years ago started an urban chicken farm located right here in the middle of the City!

Here are some pictures Sarah took of her chickens and yes, her little sister from Big Brothers, Big Sisters, Mercie.










In the same way Sarah started her previous journeys ( business leadership, mentoring and chicken farming) Sarah is starting her journey at PACE with a personal mission to make a difference which makes her the “just right” fit for our team.

If you are a PACE customer, expect a call from Sarah in the next few weeks to arrange a personal on-site visit.  Sarah’s goal between now and the end of the year, is to get to know you and find out what’s going to be your most critical staffing challenges over the next 12 months.  Will you need to add a new teammember in a key role?  Are you facing some business challenges that might require you to hire temporary staff from time to time just to keep up?  Sarah is looking forward to learning more about your staffing challenges and making sure PACE stays ready with the right staffing solution!



You can reach Sarah at 425-654-8788 or email her at

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