Meet October’s Employee of the Month!

Meet October’s Employee of the Month!

by Sara Bennett | October 9, 2023


Meet October’s Employee of the Month – Alexya!

Alexya has been a long-term, dedicated, PACE employee for almost 2-years!  She’s been providing high-impact HR support to one of our largest health system clients. Alexya has worn multiple hats…and has displayed a tremendous amount of flexibility and adaptability throughout the duration of her employment. She’s also been willing to put in overtime hours…as a means of making sure that deadlines and deliverables are met. Her PACE Recruiters says that she’s very open and communicative, and always has a positive and professional demeanor.  We can’t thank Alexya enough for all the work she’s done!

In a couple sentences, tell us about your job and what have you enjoyed most about it? 

I am on the onboarding team for a non-employees (contractors, temporary staff, traveling Healthcare professionals) department in the Puget Sound; working remotely in Human Potential to ensure our new clients are compliant, getting them the access they need, and so forth. A few things I love about this job are being able to be fully remote, which has been a godsend as a mother and also my team and supervisor — even though we’re all remote, there is always open communication and a conversation to be a part of.

Have you picked up any new skills or talents in your current role that have benefited your career? 

I have both learned and have become more versed in multiple healthcare and data entry software programs and have picked up many new skills from this position! It has truly been a lot of fun.

In your opinion, what makes the Pacific Northwest a great place to live and work? 

I grew up in the Pacific Northwest and I’ve always loved that we have everything from mountains, to trees, to beaches, to a wide variety of weather and changing leaves in the fall. There’s an endless amount of things to do in every season.

What do you enjoy spending your time doing outside of work? 

I enjoy spending time with my kids and our puppy, indoor gardening, doing yoga, photography, hiking, camping, adventuring, and spending time outdoors — rain or shine.

In your opinion, what are the benefits of working for a staffing company like PACE? 

The onboarding process with PACE and coming in to this job was really fast and seamless. The company is always very helpful and responsive. Although my job has lasted two years and counting, it has been on a temporary basis. I feel good knowing there are probably more job opportunities with PACE when this assignment ends.

While on assignment, how often does your recruiter check-in with you to see how you are experiencing your job?

My Recruiter has reached out a couple of times aside from the times I have reached out to him. He is always quick to respond and very helpful.

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