Meet January’s Employee of the Month!

Meet January’s Employee of the Month!

by Sara Bennett | January 11, 2023


Since May 2022, Amy has been working as an Administrative Purchasing Assistant for one of the nation’s leading pediatric hospitals! She has proven herself to be a dependable and hard-working individual with an excellent attendance record!

Working within the high-impact Buyer group, Amy’s ability to self-direct and her motivation to success has made her a great fit for the role. Amy’s on-site manager continues to have very positive feedback about Amy throughout her entire assignment. We couldn’t be happier to have such a talented employee on the PACE team!

Enjoy this Q&A with Amy to learn more about her!

Tell us in a couple sentences about your role and what you enjoy most about it!

I am part of the Buyer Group at the Hospital.  It’s amazing to be a part of something bigger than myself that positively impacts patient care and their families.  The support and passion of the group I work with exceeds any other group I’ve been a part of. It’s truly been a wonderful, yet challenging experience that I’m very grateful for.

How has your current role impacted your career path in the long term?

This is my first role in the Healthcare Industry.  I’ve been in supply chain roles for many years but knowing the end result of what I do is helping children and families receive the best care has been the most fulfilling experience. I think this is the direction I was supposed to take and excited to see what opportunities it brings down the road.

Have you picked up any new skills in your role?

The pace of this position can be challenging and doesn’t seem to let up. Luckily, I enjoy having a lot on my plate and this has allowed me to strengthen how I view the big picture and prioritize my work in order to bring my best every day.

Are you from the Pacific NW?

I was born and raised in Northwest Indiana but have a love for travel and experiences. I spent time living in Austin, TX and Asheville, NC and arrived in the PNW last November. It’s been a great change, and my family and I are excited for this new adventure.

What are the benefits of working for a staffing company like PACE in your opinion?

This is my first experience with a Staffing company. It has been a wonderfully positive and supportive experience from the start. It was nice to get an overview of the position and another perspective of the employer through Pace’s past experiences and longstanding relationship with the employer.

What has your experience been like working for PACE?

Working with Pace has been easy and positive. Every interaction has been a good one.  The enthusiasm and support from the recruiter exceeded expectations, and I feel the level of care is truly sincere.  I get check-ins once in a while but nothing overwhelming which I really appreciate. And they have always been available for questions/concerns. I am grateful for their help and support.

What do you enjoy spending your time doing outside of work?

My family and I love the outdoors and try to get out and enjoy nature when we can. We love hiking, camping, traveling and spending time with family and friends.

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