How Many Employees are Available to Hire NOW?

How Many Employees are Available to Hire NOW?

by Guest Author | April 11, 2016

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Hire NowHow much do you know about the local talent marketplace?

  • How many employees with the skills you need are available in the local marketplace?
  • How many and what kind of employers are looking for the same kind of employees? Who is competing against you for the available talent?
  • How much are your competitors paying for these employees?   

We suspect you’d like to know… which is why we’ve partnered with Career Builder to provide local employers with a  customized report of “candidate availability”- by job title, by rate of pay.

You’ll not only learn how many candidates have posted their resumes on-line with the talents you’ve been looking for,  but you’ll also learn how many employers are competing with you to hire them, and what they are offering for starting pay.

If you are discouraged by your current recruiting results, it may be because the number of candidates simply isn’t enough to fill open needs; Or, it may be that the rate of pay you are offering isn’t enough to be competitive.  To compete for talent, you need to know what you are up against.

To learn more about the local marketplace, call our Partnership Services team at 425-637-3311 or email us at to request your own customized report of what’s happening in the local marketplace for your specific talent needs.   All job market consultations and reports are complimentary.


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