Managed Services – A Comprehensive “One Stop” Staffing Partnership

Managed Services – A Comprehensive “One Stop” Staffing Partnership

by Sara Bennett | July 2, 2019

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Our ONE STOP solution is ideal for clients who want a comprehensive hands free staffing  partnership!

ONE STOP is the best we have to offer…..a truely outsourced solution to any and/or all your recruiting and staffing needs!

  • A standardized and “best practices” approach to all steps of the hiring or staffing process.
  • Vendor Management – “best in class” agency vetting and contracting.  You work with multiple vendors thru the convenience of a ONE PLACE TO CALL service model!
  • Comprehensive reporting and metrics.  You’ll always  know what’s happening.
  • Normalized pricing for any staffing or third party recruiting service you need.  We can help you rein in out of control recruiter fees or staffing costs.

Our managed services programs are specifically designed to fit the unique needs of small to medium sized Northwest employers who value hands free solutions!  All managed services fees are vendor funded – so no additional costs!

Too good to be true?

For a complimentary consultation to assess your company’s readiness for our ONE STOP service model, contact Nancy Swanson our Vice President of Partnership Development at or call 425-637-3312!

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