by Jeanne Knutzen | June 20, 2016

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Working ParentsHere at PACE, 75% of our  internal staff are working parents – people who  are balancing heavy duty parenting responsibilities with a very busy and demanding  job at PACE!  Of that 75%, about 30% are single parents – people who are the dedicated care givers for their dependent children.

Our working parents are in a variety of roles  – many custom created as our way of ensuring that all of our employees can find  that balance between work and other things in their lives that are important to them.   If they are in dual income families, most work in a variety of part-time, flex-time roles, many working from home.  We have 3 of our core recruiters working from home on reduced or flex-time basis allowing them to have an easy flow between home and work.  Our working Moms who are singularly raising their children tend to work a regular work week, but use our liberal time off policies so they can be with their children whenever needed.  At PACE, a request for time off in order to be with children at special events or when ill, is quickly accommodated – in fact highly encouraged!

Why are we such a parent friendly company?  Some of the reasons are from the heart – we think the world is a better place when as a society, our priorities are focused on our kids and parenting.  Other reasons are more business based – we get access to a very high level of talent that is only available to companies who are parent friendly.  In other words, it makes business sense to be an attractive place to work for employees who are balancing more than one thing in their lives.

Here are six benefits, jut to name a few, PACE gets in return for making it easy for our employee- parents to find their best work life balance:

  1. They are highly productive.  They get a lot done in a shorter period of time.  As parents, they have learned to be efficient and focused with their time – a learned behavior they bring to the workplace.
  2. They are amazing multi-taskers! And are able to do several things at once and change priorities quickly.  All those hours cooking dinner while checking homework has created a skill set that is more than valuable in today’s fast changing work environment.
  3. They rarely get rattled. Staying calm and cool under pressure has become one of the signature talents of our working parents. PACE values that trait!
  4. Their motivational needs are simple and uncomplicated.  Working parents don’t have time to veer off mission in order to “self express”.  They work with a focus that is easy to align with organizational needs.
  5. They appreciate their jobs and you, as their employer. They stay in their jobs longer; they are happy in their jobs, adding to  team morale.   Our working Mom’s are often decade long employees because they value and appreciate the flexibility PACE provides.  They know it is a different sort of flexibility than what is available at other places to work, where part-time flexible employees are not the norm.
  6. Because many of our working Moms are in hourly, part-time positions, they play a big role in helping flex up or down our internal resources and operating costs. When PACE gets busy, we have several part-time Moms whose hours of work can increase quickly.   And when we’re not so busy, most of our part-time working Moms are glad to cut back to spend more time with their children.

Over the last few weeks, PACE has been featuring the stories of Working Moms (and yes a few Dads).  We are obviously big fans of the “working Mom” segment of the workforce, which represents about 47% of all employees.  If you have a story about a particular working Mom that you would like to celebrate, please share your stories with us HERE .

For every story we publish, we’re donating $50 to the Boys and Girls Club for their after school program – an important service for many working parents.


Jeanne KnutzenWritten by Jeanne Knutzen, founder and CEO of the PACE Staffing Network, a leading Northwest staffing company who has been helping  local employers find and hire high talent employees for over 40 years.  For ideas and information on how you can tackle the current marketplace in terms of temporary, contract or permanent employment solutions – contact the PACE team at 425-637-3312 or email us at  infodesk@pacestaffing.com



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