The Northwest Job Market is Hot! Hot! Hot!

The Northwest Job Market is Hot! Hot! Hot!

by Marketing Team | September 8, 2016

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Getting connected with the right talent has become a big challenge for Northwest employers!

But job seekers also have challenges – getting themselves seen in a marketplace dominated by online application and selection processes continues to be a constant source of frustration.

No question the pace of the current market has made the hiring process, once a highly choreographed slow dance, morph into an unorganized, sometimes chaotic, fast dance.  And because technology enables the process to move quickly, neither party has the time to know for sure who they are dancing with.

And don’t let the headlines fool you.  Even though the local Northwest job market is more robust than we’ve seen in the last two decades, it doesn’t mean that there isn’t a lot of people out there looking for work.  From our perch, it’s the mismatch between the skills and experience employers want to hire, and the skills and experience of the candidates actively looking for work that underlies many of current market challenges.

The focus and expertise necessary for both employers and job seekers to make the right connections in today’s job market can be either game changing or game breaking.       

Employers – this is the time where you will be forced to expand the internal resources and expertise you can commit to the hiring process, or deepen your partnerships with external recruiting partners like PACE, who can provide “on demand” solutions.   .

Job Seekers – this is your time to get really clear on where you want your career to go and get yourself prepared and positioned to go there.  This may involve new commitments to your education or skill development or better  positioning with your current employer – seeking out work assignments in areas where you want to grow your career!

Not sure in what career direction you should go?  This may be the time to study current hiring trends and what experts believe lies ahead in terms of the ‘jobs of the future’.

Need help coping with the new marketplace? 

The PACE Staffing Network has the expertise in the local job market to deliver both the here and now recruiting and placement solutions you need, plus the advice needed to prepare for your future.

For employers, we have the expertise to make the staffing/hiring side of your business one of its best features, not its most pressing obstacle.  That’s what we do.  Contact us at 425-637-3312 or email us at

For job seekers, we will help you get clear on what’s important to you regarding your next job and future career.  We’ll also help you identify your strengths and work from them as a potential employee. Contact us at 425-637-3311 or email us at


pace-staffing-logo-small-retinaThe PACE Staffing Network is a leading Northwest staffing company, helping  local employers find employees and candidates find jobs for over 40 years.  For additional ideas and information on how you can tackle the current marketplace – contact the PACE team at 425-637-3312 or email us at


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