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Patient Schedulers – You’re in Demand NOW!

Our healthcare clients are starting their training classes soon. If you’ve been at the front desk in a clinic, or know you’re good at asking patients the right questions, this could be a great opportunity for you to move ahead in a new career. Starting pay will be $15-17/hr depending on which of our clients you work for. Our patient schedulers almost always get hired on by the client directly after a “try-out” period. Call us at 425-637-3311 or register on line now! We’re always looking for referrals and will pay bonuses if they’re hired.

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Bilingual Customer Service Reps – Vietnamese Speaking

We’re combing the city for SEVERAL Vietnamese/English speaking job candidates who are looking for a new home in the world of SERVICE. Our client has one of the most ethnically diversified teams we’ve ever worked with. You will get to work side-by-side with reps from all over the globe, speaking 12 different languages! Our client is a very developmentally focused employer and you can go as far as you like if your career path is focused on SERVICE.

In this position, your job would be to answer questions, deal with concerns and in general deliver A+ service to a Vietnamese speaking customer base. Call-ins will be about HR and pay issues. You’ll be thoroughly trained to know the answers and how to guide people to access resources. You’ll have counterparts in both Arizona and Florida, two very sunny places that would welcome you if you choose a relocation in your future – not today please, but maybe tomorrow?

This is a great opportunity to play an important role in supporting others within the Vietnamese-speaking community. If you are passionate about developing a helping role and have an interest in public health and human services, this could be the just right career spot for you. You won’t find an employer more focused on developing its people than this one!

Email us today for a personal interview. Our recruiter’s name is Mike, you’ll enjoy getting to know him!

Email Mike at MikeG@pacestaffing.com

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We are looking to build a team of front office professionals who want to work on temporary assignments – WHEN and WHERE you want!
If you enjoy working with people, face to face and on the phone, and are a pro at multi-tasking, we’d love to represent you with our employer clients who regularly look for employees to take care of their front offices!

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Over 3 million employees go to work each day in jobs that are either short term, part-time or “on demand”.  Members of the flexible workforce have been the fastest growing segment of the employment market for good reason.  Temporary roles help employees….

  • Expand their resumes with new skills and work experiences
  • Have a source of income when in between jobs
  • Create a life style that has more free time, more flexibility

Here are answers to commonly asked questions about working for PACE in a temporary role:  


To do well in most temporary assignments, you need to be proficient in the skills typically used in the type of temporary roles you are seeking.  Employers want their temporary workers to come into their assignment fully prepared to perform.

Because formalized training is typically not available, employers expect their temporary employees to be prepared to learn on their own.  Initiative and resourcefulness – getting good at figuring things out without a lot of help from others – is one of the key requirements for success.

Other qualities important to becoming a successful “short term employee” include an ability to go with the flow, to adjust to change and to keep going even when there may be a lot of unknowns.  A positive, helpful personality also goes a long way.   Our best temporary employees are people who actively look to make a difference in the short time they are on assignment.

Last but not least, one of the most important qualities employers look for in their temporary workers is RELIABILITY – a solid track record of coming to work every day – on time, ready to work.  We often experience an employer setting higher standards of attendance for their temporary workers, than is set for their core employees.   There is often less time to get a project done.

In most cases yes.  First of all, there are far more temporary jobs than there are traditional jobs, but also the selection processes and hiring standards employers use for bringing on a temporary employee are often not nearly as strenuous as the hiring process for more permanent roles.

A temporary job is just that – temporary. Legally it can start and end without notice.

Contract assignments, on the other hand, typically involve a contract between the employer and the employee (or their representative) stating the terms and conditions that get applied to the employee and employer – i.e. the length of the assignment, work content, results expected, etc.

The two terms are often used interchangeably, but from a legal perspective reflect two different types of employment.

For most of PACE’s temporary assignments, our employer clients do not ask you to sign a contract.

Temporary assignments start and stop “at will”.  Your assignment can end without cause and with minimal notice.

That said, most of the employers we represent take seriously their commitment to their temporary workers, and only in highly unusual circumstances are assignments cancelled before the assignment is completed.

The anticipated “length of an assignment” will be shared with you at the time you are presented with the assignment opportunity.  Assignments can last anywhere from a few days to several years.

No. One of the most important benefits of becoming a temporary employee is that you get to choose when and for whom you work.  In fact, when we offer you an assignment we don’t want you to accept the assignment unless you are fully committed to completing it.

PACE realizes that things can come up in someone’s personal life that requires them to adjust their work commitments.   We also know that an employer can change a condition of an assignment in a way that significantly changes how it was described to you, and can be a legitimate reason for ending an assignment without impacting your relationship with PACE.

Ending an assignment for casual reasons, on the other hand, can become grounds for termination, and PACE will not assign you elsewhere.

All employees who work for PACE on temporary or contract assignments are paid weekly, every Friday.

Yes, in fact many of our clients look first to our temporary employees as a resource for new hires. Some assignments are specifically designed to be a “temp to hire” audition, giving both our employees and our employer clients a chance to check out each other before entering into a longer term employment relationship.

You are free to register for placement with as many services as you believe you need to keep you working as often as you want. While we appreciate our employees who are always available to accept the temporary assignments we offer, we understand there is often a need to  register with multiple agencies in order to improve your chances of finding work quickly.


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