The PACE team has really made a difference…

The PACE team has really made a difference…

by Marketing Team | June 23, 2015

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4-employees-1024x740“PACE has worked with us for over 20 years in a variety of service capacities. When they were assigned to me to manage, I knew they would be well versed in the culture and operations of our company. What I did not know is exactly how hands free my engagement with them wold become.  They truly take care of everything, always bringing me solutions, not problems.”

“PACE was our “managed services provider,” which meant that they provided the resources, systems, and processes to deliver and manage our contingent employees and suppliers who were spread out in several different facilities, several geographies, all job categories from light industrial to high level IT roles.”

“PACE’s service platform and people allowed our HR team to fully focus on work related to our core employees. Because of the strategic nature of PACE’s relationship with our organization, many of our employees today came to us through PACE, transitioning from their temporary roles to be hired directly.  PACE played an important role in our overall talent acquisition strategy.”

“I highly recommend the PACE team to any company who wants to work with a company and a service team that makes a difference.”

  • Darci L. Sr. HR Manager, Talent Acquisition

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