How to Effectively Start a New Job

How to Effectively Start a New Job

by Lauren Molitor | March 7, 2017

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You just accepted a job offer and have a start date. CONGRATULATIONS!

Starting a new job often feels like you’re dating someone new.  “Am I wearing the right clothes? Did I say the right thing? Are they going to like me?”  If you start to get the jitters, you are not alone!

We’ve put together some ideas that will help you get into your new work mode quickly plus make some positive impressions with your new employer!

Before you start…

Research your new company. Hopefully you did this before you interviewed, but it’s never too late to dive even a little deeper. Come up with some questions to ask during your first week, which will help you look and feel prepared and confident.

Touch base with your boss. Send them a quick email to find out what time to arrive, who to ask for, and what the dress code is if you aren’t sure. Ask if there’s anything in particular you should prepare for on your first day – this is a great way to let your manager know how excited you are to start working for them.

Plan your commute. If you’re worried about rush hour traffic affecting your travel time, make the drive to work during that time of day to see how long it will take you.

Prepare a 30 second elevator pitch. It’s not a “why should you hire me” speech but you need to be prepared to answer questions from your co workers about what you did prior to this job and what you hope to contribute in your new role.  Have a plan for putting your best foot forward with your new team!

Relax! You earned this job with your hard work and determination. Your boss wouldn’t have hired you if they didn’t believe you could do a great job! Take a deep breath, believe in yourself, and take a few moments for yourself before you start your new position.

On your first day…

Bring your positive attitude. First impressions matter; go out of your way to introduce yourself with a strong handshake and a smile. Your co-workers will especially notice who you are if you take an interest in them!

Be prepared to ask questions. This is your learning period, so use it wisely. Take an interest in the work that you’ll be doing and the company processes in general.

Take the time to get organized. You’re going to have a lot of information thrown your way and it’s important to have a system to keep track of it all. Being organized from the get-go will help you stick with the habit in the long run.

During your first week…

Be willing to take on the dirty work. Is there a special project that no one else on the team is eager to take on? Step up and give it your all, but make sure you have the bandwidth before neglecting your primary duties.

Learn everything you can about your new employer. Make sure you read through any paperwork or handbooks that you’re given, particularly ones that pertain to company policies and procedures, etc. Take the time to familiarize yourself with the company website and intranet.  If you have any questions, now is the time to ask.

Listen first, talk later. This can be difficult for the extroverts out there, but it’s important to listen and absorb as much as you can in the beginning. If you have a contribution to make, go ahead, but otherwise soak in as much information as possible.

What’s your new neighborhood like? Go out with your co-workers to their favorite lunch spot. Find the nearest pharmacy. Get a lay of the land so you know where to order take-out or where to take a client to coffee.

During months 1 – 3

Keep track of your accomplishments to make sure you know how you are contributing. This will also build your resume, boost your confidence, and grow your personal satisfaction. Most importantly, put yourself in a place to provide a concrete list of how you’ve contributed in preparation for performance conversations with your boss.

Take advantage of company after-hours activities. Many companies will have team lunches, sports leagues, happy hours, etc. Even if the activity isn’t something you’re particularly interested in, attending purely to socialize with your co-workers boosts morale and will make you feel like a part of the team. Many people don’t realize that close work friendships boost employee satisfaction with their jobs by 50%!

Show your appreciation to those who have helped you learn the ropes as you come onboard to your new position. A little gratitude goes a long way!

Set up a meeting with your direct supervisor to establish short and long term goals and milestones. This is also a great time to receive feedback from your manager about what is going well and what could be improved upon.

Most importantly, take charge of your career and make the difference in your workplace. For a more gratifying work experience, don’t be afraid to speak up, find passion in your work, and gain lifelong relationships.

What do you think has helped you become successful in your job in its first three months? Leave a reply below and let us know how you go the extra mile.


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