Hiring Will Increase, Including More Temps, in 2016!

Hiring Will Increase, Including More Temps, in 2016!

by Guest Author | February 23, 2016

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thumbs upAccording to a recent study by a leading job board, Career Builder, US employers will be turning towards flexible workers at a slightly higher rate in 2016 than they did in 2015.

While 36% of the employers surveyed plan to hire core employees in 2016, the highest reported since 2006, 47% plan to bring on more temporary or contract workers, up 1% from the 46% reported going into 2015.

The highest rated employer sectors hiring core employees were:

  1. Financial services
  2. IT
  3. Healthcare (primarily the larger facilities)

By job category, the top five areas of job creation activity will fall to:

  1. Customer Service
  2. IT
  3. Sales
  4. Production
  5. Administrative

The Career Builder study went on to list five trends for employers to watch for in 2016…

  1. More reliance on training, rather than recruiting, to fill the skills gap.  As recruiting becomes more challenging, employers are looking for ways to develop the skill levels of existing employees.
  2. A re-focus on starting relationships with younger workers…25% of the employers surveyed indicated they were looking to expand their internship programs, even offering 12 month programs for high school students.
  3. Higher pay. 83% of the employers surveyed will  increase wages for existing employees;  63% will increase wages for new employees
  4. Hiring Outside the US. 19% of employers surveyed will hire foreign workers with H-1B Visas
  5. Diversifying Management.  Over 50% of the employers surveyed said they intended to grow the diversity of their management teams.

The Career Builder survey, just completed in December, was conducted by Harris Interactive from data provided by 2,338 hiring managers and HR professionals.


This information was compiled by the PACE Staffing Network, an award winning staffing agency in the Greater Seattle area for over 35 years.   If you are looking for temporary or permanent job placement, register with PACE by Clicking Here.

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