TEMP TO HIRE. Working Auditions = Better Hires!

by Jeanne Knutzen | July 8, 2016



When You Need to Be Sure…….



…you’re hiring the right employee, extending the selection process by using an  auditioning process is often a great staffing solution.

  • You get to see the employee actually doing the job before you make your final job offer.  You don’t have to wonder “if they fit.”
  • The employee gets to decide if the work and the work environment is right for them, before they accept your offer, avoiding “mind changes” down the road.

Temp to hire auditions need careful planning and a staffing partner who knows what they are doing.  Our professional staffing consultants will help you design an auditioning process that works for your team!

For more information on how a temp to hire audition might work for you, contact our Partnership Development team at infodesk@pacestaffing.com or call our partnership hotline at 425-637-3312!



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