by Jeanne Knutzen | August 15, 2016



Working Auditions Allow You to “Try Before You Buy”


For Job Seekers in between jobs, temp to hire auditions are a great way to go to work quickly while taking your time to decide if a job is the long term fit for you.  And if you have your eye on a particular company, but having difficulty getting noticed, working in a temporary or contract role provides the opportunity you need to showcase yourself as a prospective employee.

  • Your audition can be as casual as  “We think you would be a good fit for our team, but we’d like you to work 2-3 weeks as a temporary employee to make sure its the right fit for you.”   or …
  • ….as structured as “Our hiring process includes a formal 60 day audition period.”
  • The length of a  “working audition” can be anywhere from  2-3 weeks to several months 6 months.
  • Unless the audition  has a defined ending,  you can leave the audition at any time you uncover the job is not the right job for you.

There are many ways that temporary assignments or more formal work auditions can lead to the right job for you.  To get started, contact our recruiting team at candidateservices@pacestaffing.com or call us at 425-637-3311!



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