by Jeanne Knutzen | May 2, 2016

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Finding and Hiring the RIGHT Talent is a HIGH STAKES GAME…

….and in today’s tight candidate market, there are many opportunities for results to go left when they need to go right.

Our job is to make a difference in the talent you hire – delivering high quality talent quickly, while taking care of all the things that can go wrong that can take you off your game.

Our service formula is simple…

  • We ask the right questions to understand your business needs and work environment.  We translate your answers into a recruiting profile that identifies what’s most important to you about the candidate you hire.
  • We go to work quickly – using state of the art sourcing strategies to find and vet candidates who not only have the technical skills, experience and expertise you need, but also the cultural fit that oftentimes makes the difference.
  • We present and arrange interviews with candidates who meet all your specifications AND are excited to become a part of your team.   No wasted time looking at wannabes, or candidates who,  for their own reasons, aren’t that interested.
  • We tell your story well,  making sure the right candidates know why they should work for you.
  • We stay by your side throughout the entire process – making sure that communications don’t derail, and that when its time to make an offer, there are no miscues.

Any time you are hiring, there are a lot of things to worry about….but with PACE as your hiring partner, wasting time, isn’t one of them!  

Recruiting packages and fees are designed to fit your specific needs and budget.

For a confidential conversation about an upcoming talent need, or to learn more about how our recruiting services can make a difference for you, email us at or call 425-637-3312.



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