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by Jeanne Knutzen | May 3, 2016

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Hiring Without any Legal Hassles!



There are times when you know who you want to hire but you don’t want the hassle of hiring direct or the liabilities of being the employer.

A step further than garden variety “payroll services”, EMPLOYER OF RECORD services are an ideal solution for

  • Bringing back a former employee
  • Using the services of a freelancer without the legal risk of IRS assessments and penalties 
  • Short term employees – like project staff, summer interns, seasonal staff
  • Any employee you’d like to hire quickly and bypass hiring or budget constraints

PACE provides…

  • Weekly payroll
  • Hands free mandatory benefit administration (ACA, Seattle Sick and Safe etc.)
  • Full W2 employer services – eliminating the risk of IRS audit and costly fines

For more information about our Employer of Record Services or a consultation about where your current use of 1099 contractors might make you vulnerable to IRS  fines and penalties, contact us at infodesk@pacestaffing.com or call 425-637-3312.



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