EMPLOYER OF RECORD SERVICES. You’ve got the employee / We’ve got the payroll system!

by Jeanne Knutzen | May 3, 2016



There are times when you need someone else to take on the employer role…..


As Your Employer of Record We Pay Your Employee, Manage their Benefits and More….

  • EMPLOYER OF RECORD services isn’t just a paycheck service but transfers the full employer liability to a qualified third party
  • You offload all the time consuming administrative, legal and benefit management requirements associated with the employer role.
  • You maintain the day to day supervisory role, but PACE retains its role as the W2 employer

E o R services are an ideal solution when…

  • You’ve been advised to get rid of your 1099 workers  – but you need their expertise
  • You’d like to put someone to work, but haven’t been given authorization to hire
  • You want to use the services of a freelancer but you need a quick easy way to get them paid without the legal risk of an IRS audit
  • You’ve found the right employee for a project, internship, or a seasonal uptick…but don’t want the hassle of hiring them as an employee
  • You need to by-pass hiring or budget constraints

PACE Provides…

  • Full W2 employer services – eliminating the risk of IRS audit and misclassification fines
  • Hands free benefit administration and reportng – ACA, WS and Seattle Sick and Safe, WS Parental leave etc.
  • Weekly pay

For more information about our Employer of Record Services or a consultation about where your current use of 1099 contractors might make you vulnerable to IRS  fines and penalties, contact us at infodesk@pacestaffing.com or call 425-637-3312.



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