Have You Been Told to Give Up When They Ghost?

Have You Been Told to Give Up When They Ghost?

by Sara Bennett | December 29, 2020


give-up-when-they-ghostBecause believe it or not, they have a lot of other business priorities to focus on and aren’t constantly thinking of hiring, or much less your individual candidacy. It’s not over until it’s over. Don’t give up when they ghost!

If you’ve ever been a job seeker, you’ve either been told (or told yourself), “If a company wants you, they’ll find you no matter what. If they go silent after the interview, they don’t want you.”

Yes. Sometimes when a company ghosts it’s an indicator that they don’t want to hire you. But there are so many other reasons that you may not have heard from a company.

But most of the time this sentiment is destructive and not true. Hiring managers can easily become occupied with other competing business priorities, still awaiting feedback from other interviewers or interviewing other candidates for calibration to make sure you are the right fit. All valuable reasons to not give up when they ghost

Following up when they ghost shows passion and interest, and gets the company back focused on your candidacy. We recommend following up 3-5 days after the interview if you do not hear back before then. Job seekers who follow up are significantly more likely to land the job. The company is probably thinking if you give up that easily, why would I hire you?

When following on an opportunity, avoid text in your follow-up emails like this: 

“My email must be getting lost in your inbox…”

“Sorry to be  bothering you again, I’m very excited about this role..”

“You mentioned you would get back to me last week…”

Instead, avoid the nervous emotion by keeping it positive, suppose they need the reminder, and assume they have been eagerly meaning to write you back but keep getting occupied by urgent priorities. Remember – persistence gets jobs.

What happens when they don’t respond to your follow ups and have completely ghosted you? Don’t dwell and lose your inner confidence over one job – no matter how excited you are about the opportunity. Continue to move towards your career goals and control what you can in a job search – your own actions.

Persistence is one of the most important qualities to cultivate as a job seeker. Don’t give up when they ghost!


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