Employer of Record. Payroll Services

Employer of Record. Payroll Services

by Sara Bennett | July 2, 2019

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A Hands Free Pay and Benefit Management Service Designed for Employers Who Want to Minimize the Costs and Hassles Associated With a W2 Employment Relationship!

Employer of Record (EoR) staffing solutions are a great way to make sure the temporary or contract employees you source on your own are treated as legally recognized W2 employees without the administrative hassles associated with W2 employment.

Your role is to find the employee, establish the terms of their employment, supervise their work on a daily basis, and leave the rest of the employer details to us!

Employer of Record services provide a bullet proof way for you to avoid the risks of having one of your 1099 contractors being viewed by the IRS as your employee – subjecting you to costly back taxes and penalties.  We become the employees formal “w2 employer” eliminating the risk of an IRS “employee classification” audit.

By outsourcing the administrative components typically assigned to an employer, you also significantly reduce the time and $$$ typically spent on the administrative components of the employer relationship.

Our full service Employer of Record program includes….

  • Weekly (or bi weekly) employee pay (per your specificationg)
  • Background screening and / or drug testing per your specifications
  • Employment eligibility (I-9) verification
  • Collection and storage of all New Hire paperwork (per your specifications)
  • Mandated New Hire reporting
  • Calculation, withholding, and administration of all state and federal payroll taxes, garnishments and workers compensation insurances
  • L and I and WS SUTA Claims Management
  • Electronic time management systems
  • Administration of Washington State Sick and Safe Paid Absence Benefits
  • Administration of Washington State Health and Parental Leave Benefits
  • Administration of FMLA eligibility
  • Management reporting of Employer of Record Spend
  • Electronic Invoicing
  • ACA 1095 B and C Yearly Reporting
  • Cobra Notifications (where applicable)
  • Separation Notices
  • Annual Employee Earning Reports to IRS

We perform all these services on your behalf, and send you a bill for all direct costs plus a small administrative fee.  SIMPLE. EASY. HANDS FREE!

Employer of Record services is a worry free way to…..

  • Put a former employee or personal referral to work without violating “no hire” policies
  • Use the services of a freelancer, intern or project employee without the hassle of hiring them direct  
  • Put an employee to work even when your staffing budget is exhausted

For more information about our Employer of Record Service option or to request a consultation about how/when your company might be vulnerable to IRS scrutiny, fill out this form.  You may also contact us directly at infodesk@pacestaffing.com or by calling 425-637-3312

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