Hiring in Today’s Job Market is a RACE for TALENT.          Our Job is to make sure you WIN! 
I’m Nancy Swanson, Vice President of Partner Services and Solutions at PACE Staffing Network.   My team and I work up close and personal with each client to create a staffing solution or hiring process that fits your needs and pocketbook. Let’s Connect. nancys@pacestaffing.com   425-637-3312

We Make Hiring – Faster. Easier. Smarter!

With the Greater Seattle-Tacoma-Eastside  TALENT MARKET one of the most competitive in the nation, the race for talent has become a significant challenge for most Northwest employers.

Our NETWORK of recruiters and specialized agency partners gives you that competitive edge – a candidate sourcing, screening and vetting process that makes a difference.

  • Candidates hand selected to be the “just right fit”
  • Professional skill and aptitude assessments
  • Guaranteed hiring results
  • Service options to fit all needs and budgets

Direct Hire ✦ Temp to Hire Auditions ✦ Project Staffing

Temporary Staffing ✦ Employer of Record/Payrolling ✦ More

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Staffing Options to Fit All Needs and Budgets!


When there is work to be done NOW….  

HIRING HELP. Menu Driven Screening, Sourcing and Skill Assessment Services

Tired of looking at resumes and wondering if what you see is real?        

PROFESSIONAL RECRUITING SERVICES – When the TALENT you need isn’t looking for work!

   Finding and hiring the RIGHT talent is a high stakes game…   …particularly in a tight candidate market where the best talent is often already working. Having fast, easy access to the right “short list” of well matched candidates makes a big difference to the success of your hiring project. We make hiring fast, easy, […]

TEMP TO HIRE. Working Auditions to Guarantee the Right Hire!

With 50% of all hiring decisions ending up being mistakes……..     

MANAGED SERVICES. Hands Free Staffing – From “Req to Check”!

When Its Time to Get Your Arms Around Your Flexible Workforce and the Vendors Who Provide Them…     

EMPLOYER OF RECORD SERVICES. When Hiring Internally Isn’t an Option!

Managing the 1099 Misclassification Risk!

PROJECT Staffing. Planning. Recruiting. Tracking

When You Need to Staff a Team of Exceptional Talent…     


HR Expertise – When and How You Need It!    


Tired of  talking to candidates who aren’t quite RIGHT?  Check out what we do to find that “just right fit”!   


A Network of Recruiting Specialties……


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