Recruiting in Today’s Marketplace is a RACE for TALENT.
I’m Nancy Swanson, Vice President of Partner Services and Solutions.   My team and I work up close and personal with each client to create the right staffing solution for your needs and budget.   Let’s Connect.   425-637-3312

Fast. Smart. Hands Free

Hiring / Recruiting / Staffing  Solutions!

  • Candidates SOURCED, SCREENED and SHORT LISTED – to be the “just right fit”
  • Candidates thoroughly VETTED using professionally designed skill, talent and aptitude assessments – to take the risk out of your hiring decisions!
  • CUSTOMIZED SERVICE and PRICING OPTIONS – to fit all needs and budgets

PACE is a LOCAL  award winning local staffing company ranked in the top 2% of staffing agencies nationwide.  Woman owned and managed!

Direct Hire ✦ Temp to Hire Auditions ✦ Project Staffing

Temporary Staffing ✦ Employer of Record/Payrolling ✦ More

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A QUICK LOOK at “Why a “Temp to Hire” Staffing Model  Is a SMART Way to Hire!”

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SERVICE OPTIONS –  Customized to Fit All Needs and Budgets!

TEMPORARY STAFFING. Quick, Easy Access to Employees Available to Work NOW!

When you need the right staff for an uptick in  business, an upcoming project, or an extended absence…  

HIRING HELP. Screening, Sourcing and Skill Assessment Services

Sometimes Hiring Managers just need a little help to make sure they hire the right candidate….        

DIRECT HIRE RECRUITING – When you need help finding that “just right” hire!

   Finding and hiring the RIGHT talent for your team is always a high stakes game…   …particularly in a tight candidate market where the best talent is hard to find and needs to be convinced that your job opportunity is the right one for them! We deliver the right “short list” of candidates who […]

TEMP TO HIRE. Working Auditions to Reduce Hiring Mistakes!

Did you know that  50% of all hiring decisions end up being hiring mistakes?     

MANAGED SERVICES. Hands Free Staffing – From “Req to Check”!

When Its Time to Get Your Arms Around Your Flexible Workforce and the Vendors Who Provide Them…     

EMPLOYER OF RECORD SERVICES. Outsourcing your role as employer!

There are times when you need someone else to take on the employer role…..


JOBS WE FILL –  Our Network of Recruiting Specialties!



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