Professional Recruiting and Employee Selection Services

Professional Recruiting and Employee Selection Services

by Sara Bennett | July 2, 2019

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Finding that “Just Right” Employee is never easy …but in a tight candidate market, recruiting the right talent requires specialized expertise.

We’ll make your next hire a FAST. EASY and SMART business process, to include…

  •  Comprehensive  Candidate Profiling – help identifying the skills, experience and personal qualities most important to hiring success!
  • Targeted Sourcing – an entire network of recruiting resources
  • Skillful Recruiting – we “tell your story” well.
  • A “short list” of candidates  – hand selected to be the “right fit”.   No more wasted time with candidate wannabes.
  • Professionally constructed skill and aptitude assessments – to reduce hiring errors!
  • Market Guidance – to make sure you pay no more or no less than you need to for the  talent you need!
  • Ongoing Consults – to step you thru the hiring process!

Many service and pricing options – customized to fit your needs and budget!

For a confidential conversation about an upcoming hire, or to learn more about how our services “make a difference”,  email us at or call 425-637-3312.

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In today’s market, its never too early to get started on your next staffing challenge…..

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