Coronavirus (COVID-19) Guidelines for PACE Field Employees

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Guidelines for PACE Field Employees

by Sara Bennett | March 16, 2020


As the pandemic nature of the Coronavirus becomes real, we wanted to quickly share our approach to protecting your safety and wellbeing while working for PACE as a temporary employee.  Our response is being informed by our close monitoring of communications from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and more specifically the advisory for King County.

Here is a short list of current guidance specifically for you….

  • Please make sure you are aware of any change in workforce policies that our client may have initiated to contain any infectious diseases in their facility. Stay alert to follow any healthcare or work environment directives coming from your onsite employer or their facility.


  • If your workplace is or will be closed or limited to work from home only, let our Employee Services team at  We are talking to our clients regularly and likely have answers to your questions.


  • We are uncovering a broad range of work from home policies and practices either being quickly implemented by our clients or already in place. If you are able to work from home, and our client supports that option, we encourage you to do so.  This is particularly important if you are over 60 or have any underlying health condition.


  • If our client is closing their offices and you are not able to work from home, please contact employee services to see what options we might have for you.


  • If you are sick, DO NOT go to work. We have gotten assurance that our clients are supporting that guideline with respect to you or any employee who you might come in contact with.  Call or e mail Employee Services early in the morning if you are sick, and we will make sure our client is alerted.


  • Be alert to the need for additional testing if you have symptoms that might signal the presence of the coronavirus in your system. Here are the list of symptoms to pay close attention to….  If you have any of these symptoms call your healthcare provider asap to find out where you can be tested.


  • To assess your eligibility for paid time off benefits email our Employee Services team at All PACE employees accrue paid time off that can be used for personal sick issues or to care for children whose schools have been closed.  We want you to use this benefit if you are eligible.


  • We are also monitoring your potential eligibility for extended benefit coverage being discussed by both state and federal governments. Stay tuned.


  • In the meantime, turn in your hours worked in the usual way….and we will make sure your timecard gets approved and you are paid. All PACE services, including payroll, can be done remotely so you will not be impacted by anything that happens on our end.


  • If your employer has closed their offices, and you are unable to work, please let us know right away and we will explore all re assignment options for you. We are in close contact with all employers where we have staff so can advise you on their intent to re-open offices.


  • Make sure you are following CDC guidance regarding the frequent hand washing, respiratory etiquette, and all of what is being suggested around social distancing.


  • For employees who are going to out of work for extended periods to take care of children or deal with a health issue for themselves or family we will be advising them of their potential eligibility for the new Washington State Paid Family and Medical Leave benefit.  We will advise you when they apply for what dates of leave….as if they are deemed eligible by the State of Washington they must be placed on leave.  All employee and most employer tax payers in the state of Washington fund that benefit thru a quarterly tax.


Your health and safety are very important to us and we want to support you in an up close and personal way as we all work thru these uncharted waters.   The most important thing to do right now is to stay connected, keeping us informed of your personal circumstance, questions or concerns.


Nicole Flores, Employee Services Team – PACE Staffing Network

425-637-3311 or

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