Complimentary “Hiring Smart” Consulting Services

Complimentary “Hiring Smart” Consulting Services

by Sara Bennett | July 10, 2019

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When it’s time to launch a recruit, we’ve got the local job market data you need to get started!

Getting your next hiring project off to the right start requires knowledge about the type of candidates available in the local market and what they’re asking to be paid.  We’ve  got objective data that will tell you about the availability of candidates who live close to your office or facility and what competitive companies are willing to pay for the same skills and talents you need. .

We realize that in the current marketplace, the information we have isn’t always what you want to hear….but we also know that knowing what’s real and not real about the current job market will help you strategize about how to find and hire the right employee for your job.

Employers can approach a hiring campaign in many ways – we’ll help you select the right recruiting strategy for you!

All PACE “hiring smart” consults are complimentary – there is no charge for services that help you get off to the right start!

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In today’s market, its never too early to get started on your next staffing challenge…..

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