Career Placement

Career Placement

by Sara Bennett | July 2, 2019


Our career placement services are all about helping you find that just right job!

Whether you’re currently in between jobs or looking confidentially for your next step up, we have the connections to leading employers in the NORTHWEST hiring community.

Our approach to placement is simple:

  • We get to know what’s important to you about your next career move.  We call this your “placement profile”. 
  • When a request for an employer comes our way we create a similar profile about the job/the employer.  We call this a “recruiting profile”. 
  • When your “placement profile” and the employer’s “recruiting profile” match, we contact you to see if you are interested.
  • If yes, the placement process begins.

    • We make sure the job is vetted to “be” as described.
    • We help you put together a presentation packet designed to get the hiring manager’s attention
    • We prep you for each interview…letting you know who will be in the room and the questions you are likely to face
    • We debrief with both you and the hiring manager after each conversation – making sure there are no miscues
    • We keep you aware of where you are in the employer’s hiring process – each step of the way

To get started, contact our recruiting team at 425-637-3311, or e mail us at


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