Nicholas Black

Nicholas Black

by Marketing Team | May 25, 2018

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PACE Candidate ServicesHi, I’m Nicholas Black the Candidate Services Manager for PACE. I started working for PACE in March of 2018.  My role within the organization is to identify the candidates wants and needs for their next position, as well as their “must avoids”, so that PACE can find the best possible match for the candidates next position! I also identify the potential match between candidates and job openings before sending the candidates on to the recruiters. This maximizes the time the recruiters spend with qualified candidates.

What I love most about working for PACE is all the different people I get to interact with each day, and the small part I play in helping others get a job!  One of the reasons why I accepted this position with PACE is because I really appreciated how all levels of leadership spoke highly of the desire to make connections with clients and candidates, to hopefully have a lasting professional relationship as opposed to a quick interaction then on to the next.  I enjoy working for PACE partly because of my relationship with my coworkers.  I look forward to coming into work and being apart of a great team each day!

On my down time, I enjoy paying video games (FPS mostly), watching sports, traveling, hiking, spending time with my dog and cooking.  My favorite quote is; “Yesterday is History, Tomorrow is a Mystery, all we can do is live in the present” – unknown


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PACE truly appreciates all that Nick brings to the table.  His positive personality and ability to make people fee comfortable right out of the gate is a huge reason why he is so valuable to our team.  Thanks Nick for the awesome job you do for us!



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