Professional Job/Candidate “Fit” Assessments!

Professional Job/Candidate “Fit” Assessments!

by Sara Bennett | July 2, 2019

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The More You Know About a Candidate – Before You Hire – the Better Your Hiring Results!

And with 80-90% of all resumes containing significantly misleading information about a candidate’s work history, skills or workplace achievements, employers need quick, easy ways to verify the information they need to make good hiring decisions.

PACE offers a variety of candidate evaluation and vetting services to make sure you’re hiring a candidate with both the right “can” and “want to do” factors.

Hiring Help  services can be made available for individual candidates or volume based hiring projects.


  • Quick Turn Reference Checks  confirms dates of employment and provides performance relevant ratings from a candidate’s former supervisors within 2-4 hours of request.  In a hurry to get a reference?  This is your solution!
  • WONSCORE cognitive and talent assessment program  offers comprehensive reports of the candidate’s cognitive and personality “fit” for a specific jobs.
  • Skill Testing Services assess skill levels relevant to over 300 job categories and are used to ensure the candidate’s ability to do the job.  Individual or packaged assessment services are available for all candidates being evaluated for administrative, accounting, customer service, project management, or a wide range of  IT roles.   Assessments also available for a candidate’s knowledge of specific industry vocabularies like healthcare, construction, technology etc.

For a complimentary consultation to see how one or more of our HIRING HELP candidate screening and evaluation services can speed up your hiring process or improve your hiring results, enter your information below and we’ll be in touch.  You can also contact our Partner Services and Solutions team at or call 425-637-3312!

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