Businesses Need a Staffing Partner More than Ever!

Businesses Need a Staffing Partner More than Ever!

by Jeanne Knutzen | October 2, 2018

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PACE Staffing PartnershipsTalk to most Northwest businesses and they will tell you that hiring in today’s marketplace is not easy!

Not only are there fewer qualified candidates, but competition for the right candidates is fierce!

And what makes hiring an even bigger challenge is that many employers simply don’t have the time, resources, or knowledge it takes to create a hiring process that actually works.   The recruiting landscape has become increasingly difficult to navigate – with so many choices on where and how to post a information about an open position.  Miss a key word, and your posting attracts too many of the wrong candidates.  Thrown together interviews tend to focus hiring decisions on a candidate’s  “likeability” rather than their key talent.  Taking short cuts in the vetting process often leads to more hiring mistakes than  hiring successes.   (Did you know that just under 50% of all hiring decisions are later determined to be hiring mistakes? Yes, it’s true!).

The reality is that many employers simply do not have the level of internal expertise or time it takes to conduct a professional hiring process.

Here’s some ways the right staffing agency partner can help you fill in the gaps…   

  • Staffing agencies are always in the candidate marketplace.  Continuously looking for candidates, identifying their underlying talent,  and forming relationships with those candidates so that they can respond quickly when a client has a need, is their value add in the marketplace.   The right agency partner can speed up your hiring process and give you quick, easy access to a wide range of candidates you likely couldn’t source on your own.  In today’s market, most highly skilled candidates will sign for placement with a staffing agency, finding that its a whole lot easier working with an agency than spending hours responding to job postings and never hearing back.
  • When you need a candidate with highly specialized skills, a quick call to a staffing agency who recruits for those skills on an ongoing basis, is likely to give you quick access to specialized talent you wouldn’t find on your own.
  • Your staffing agency partner does all those important but time consuming activities that are built into a professional hiring process.   If you’ve ever been involved in hiring, you know how much time it takes to post a job, review resumes, schedule interviews, conduct in depth screenings and ultimately make a hiring decision.  It can be exhausting and we know it leads many employers to make hiring mistakes, just to be done with the process.   And we all know the consequence of taking your eyes off the day to day challenges of running your business, even for the several weeks it takes to hire.
  •  Staffing agencies typically skill and aptitude check the candidates they refer, verifying that the candidate is who their resume says they are.    Getting no cost access to these types of assessment tools can significantly improve your hiring outcomes.  You won’t waste time reviewing candidates who simply don’t have the skills to do the job.
  • The right staffing partner gives you access to a range of third party employer options that will help you “get work done”  without incurring the high costs of hiring direct.    
    • Are you concerned that the work you know needs to be done now will change in the next 3-4 months? This might be the perfect situation for you to use a temporary, rather than a direct hire, staffing solution.
    • Are you having turnover on a team or a particular role? The popular temp-to- hire staffing model is often the solution you need, giving you a chance to view the employee’s work habits during an “audition period” before you commit to hiring them direct.
    • Need to put someone to work quickly, without the time to it takes to find the longer term hire?  A temporary employee can be that short term solution you need to minimize the disruption created by an unexpected turnover, while buying you the time it takes to “hire right.”
  • The right staffing agency partners with you every step of the hiring process – providing key expertise when you need it.  
    • Valuable insights into the current marketplace and the competition you are likely to face when hiring a particular type of candidate.
    • Professional candidate screening and vetting services – helping you detect issues before you hire
    • The inside scoop on how candidates are responding to your job opportunity-ensuring that you only spend time with interested candidates
    • Skillful counsel when it comes time to negotiate the right offer of employment.

Yes, I’m biased.  But I get to experience first hand what the right staffing agency partner actually does to help employer’s solve their hiring challenges while avoiding the high costs of hiring mistakes. Finding the right staffing partner can be a smart move in today’s marketplace! 

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