You Need a Staffing Partner More than Ever!

You Need a Staffing Partner More than Ever!

by Jeanne Knutzen | October 2, 2018

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PACE Staffing PartnershipsTalk to any LOCAL RECRUITER and they will tell you that finding and hiring the right talent in today’s marketplace is not easy!

Not only are there fewer qualified candidates, but competition for the best candidates is fierce!

And to top it off – statistics show that just under 50% of all hiring decisions turn out to be hiring mistakes! 

One of the things that makes staffing such a challenge is that the recruiting landscape has become increasingly difficult to navigate.

Check out these issues that we know are muddying up the waters……..

  • The once simple task, of finding the right candidates to consider has become its own recruiting challenge. With so many choices on where and how to post a current opening its easy to select the wrong venue, or miss a key word and end up attracting too many of the wrong candidates, and none of the candidates you would consider hiring.
  • Professional vetting processes are often so complex or time consuming, many hiring managers simply aren’t taking the time to do them – or do them well.  For example, throw together an interview without structured questions to reveal candidate differences,  and you put yourself in a place to make a hiring decision based on factors unrelated to on the job performance.
  • And taking short cuts in the vetting process – missing a key reference check, or not taking the time to assess a key skill – often leads to costly hiring mistakes. It takes time to conduct an orderly hiring process – time that most hiring managers simply don’t have!   

Many hiring managers simply don’t have the expertise it takes to create a reliable and competitive hiring process in today’s high tech and so often low touch job market.  

But help is on the way.  The right  the right staffing agency can help you tackle all these gaps in your hiring process ….

  • The right staffing partner will let you find better candidates faster! Staffing agencies are in the candidate marketplace full time – continuously looking for candidates, identifying their underlying talent,  and forming relationships with those candidates so that they can respond quickly when you have a need.  And if they don’t have the candidate you need, they know how to find them quickly.  When your hiring process takes weeks or months when it should take days, your business suffers!
  • Your staffing agency partner does all those important but time consuming candidate vetting activities that will keep you from making hiring mistakes.  If you’ve ever been involved in hiring, you know how much time it takes to post a job, review resumes, schedule interviews, conduct in depth interviews, reference checks, and skill assessments.  It can be exhausting.  Its all those steps in the hiring process that sometimes leads an employer to make a hiring mistake, just to be done with the process.
  • Staffing agencies have access to professional vetting resources that can provide valuable insights into a candidate’s real talent.  When you work with the right staffing agency they’ll give you access to a wide range of candidate assessment tools and the expertise needed to evaluate candidates in more depth than you are likely able to do on your own.  You won’t waste time reviewing candidates who might look good in an interview setting, but simply don’t have the skills, talent, or motivation to be the right fit for the job you need done.  You’ll also be able to identify talent that you might not find by using a traditional interview.  In today’s tight candidate marketplace, finding talent that others can’t see, can be a competitive advantage.
  • The right staffing partner will offer a variety of third party employer options that mitigate the high costs of hiring mistakes or help you navigate your need for flexibility.     
    • Are you concerned that the work you know needs to be done now will change in the next 3-4 months? This might be the perfect situation for you to use a temporary, rather than a direct hire, staffing solution.
    • Are you having turnover on a team or a particular role? The popular temp-to- hire staffing model is often the solution you need, giving you a chance to view the employee’s work habits during an “audition period” before you commit to hiring them direct.
    • Need to put someone to work quickly, without the time to it takes to find the longer term hire?  A temporary employee can be that short term solution you need to minimize the disruption created by an unexpected turnover, while buying you the time it takes to “hire right.”
  • The right staffing agency will provide key expertise and insights at each step of the hiring process.   
    • Valuable data re: the current marketplace and the competition you are likely to face when hiring a particular type of candidate.  The right staffing partner will help you launch your recruit for hiring success.
    • Professionally developed candidate screening and vetting services that will help you detect issues before you hire.
    • The inside scoop on how candidates are responding to your job opportunity-ensuring that you only spend time with interested candidates
    • Skillful counsel when it comes time to negotiate the right offer of employment.

Yes, I’m biased, but my bias is informed by multiple years of first hand experience helping employers get the hiring results they need.  What I hope is your take away from reading this blog is an increased recognition that finding the right staffing agency partner can be a very smart move in today’s competitive marketplace! 

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In today’s market, its never too early to get started on your next staffing challenge…..

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