* Better Hires Take More Time!

* Better Hires Take More Time!

by Jeanne Knutzen | July 7, 2015

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We read with interest last week’s report from Glassdoor, the social media site that captures feedback from employees on their work experiences with current and past employers plus their experience as a job candidate with a variety of hiring employers.

The Glassdoor study of just under 350,000 job seekers in 6 countries, showed that the average interview process now takes over 3 days longer than it did in 2010. The average hiring process in the US today now takes an average of 22.9 days – 8-10 days less than what it takes to be hired in France, Germany, the United Kingdom or Australia.

While the study showed minimal change in the actual interview process itself, what has changed is the additional screening techniques that have been added to most employer’s candidate screening programs – growing the “time it takes to hire.” For example, in the US market, 42% of clients polled reported doing background checks today, compared to only 25% in 2010. Other screening tests that add to “time to hire” include skill testing, drug tests, and personality assessments.

(You might be relieved to know that the Glassdoor report found that police officers had the longest hiring process at 127.6 days, while the least number of days was required of employees going to work in a bar or restaurant, at 5.7 days. )

As a leading provider of temporary, contract and direct hire candidates in the greater Seattle area, we regularly work with our customers to shorten the time between point of need and hiring date – an element in the hiring process that often impacts our client’s ability to capitalize on opportunities or drive unnecessary costs out of their staffing process. In a healthcare setting, for example, it can take as long as 20 additional days to complete all credentialing, background checking and immunizations – time that is desperately needed for patient care!.

While the days of “I need a temp to start tomorrow” are over…there are things employers can do to minimize unnecessary or redundant steps in the screening/selection process.

For help minimizing “time to hire” obstacles, or to learn ways to streamline your onboarding process contact the PACE Staffing Network’s partnership development team at 425-637-3312 or e-mail us at infodesk@pacestaffing.com.

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