A Fit-Focused Hiring Model that Makes a Difference for BOTH Employees & Employers!

Our popular eBook has been updated for 2021 with new Best Practices, new ideas you can put into play NOW!   For new recruiters, provides an overview of all the steps in a smart hiring process!


We think the “trust but verify” mantra needs to be a key underpinning of all hiring processes.  It’s a mantra that’s not always easy to do, but always important.  This e book walks you thru the whats, whys, and how tos of referencing checking.   A great primer for new recruiters; some good reminders for seasoned recruiters.

Another Hiring Smart resource especially designed for Hiring Managers and Recruiters who want to go beyond a candidate’s “can do” factors to uncover their  “will-do” factors that are so important to hiring success!  Some interview questions designed to reveal important differences in a candidates real qualifications.  What to ask, and how to interpret the answers.