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How to Include Temporary Assignments on Your Resume

by Jeanne Knutzen | February 2, 2016

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The work you do for PACE Staffing Network or any other temporary staffing company can be very important to your future job search. … Read More »

Six To-Dos for Hiring Managers In a Candidate Short Marketplace!

by Jeanne Knutzen | January 29, 2016

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As late as 2013, hiring managers were still having their way in terms of who they hired and how. Fast forward to 2015, and the marketplace has dramatically changed. … Read More »

Which Staffing Solution Makes the Most Cents to You?

by Jeanne Knutzen | January 19, 2016

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When it comes to purchasing staffing services in the Seattle marketplace (including Seattle, the Eastside, Tacoma, Everett, and all places in between) words matter. … Read More »

Hiring Trends – More Employers Hiring in 2016!

by Jeanne Knutzen | January 19, 2016


According to a recent study by a leading job board, Career Builder, US employers will be turning towards flexible workers at a slightly higher rate in 2016 than they did in 2015. … Read More »

Ten High Impact Staffing Trends – 2016!

by Jeanne Knutzen | January 11, 2016


January 4 launched the New Year, and for our readers who are Hiring Mangers, HR professionals or recruiters, chances are the scenarios you faced last week had elements in common. … Read More »

The High Costs of a Hiring Mistake!

by Jeanne Knutzen | January 4, 2016

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The High Costs of a Bad Hire can be pretty alarming, particularly if you’re working in a tightly competitive marketplace as we have here in the Greater Seattle area. For those of us in the marketplace full time, we know how costly and time consuming it is to find and hire the right employee, and if you end up hiring the wrong employee, there are always significant hard and soft costs involved. Read on to find out some of the ways an employer’s staffing costs will increase if hiring issues get out of control. … Read More »

When Paying Less Actually Costs More!

by Jeanne Knutzen | December 15, 2015

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At the end of October, the national unemployment rate reached a seven year low, close to 5%.   The unemployment for the Seattle marketplace was even lower, hovering somewhere between 3-4% for most of the year. … Read More »

* In Defense of Staffing!

by Jeanne Knutzen | November 30, 2015

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The survey, conducted by industry pollster, Inavero, using a Net Promoter scoring methodology, reported an industry wide score of MINUS 3 – down a full 11 points from an already noticeably low score of PLUS 8. … Read More »

* Staffing Company Clients are Messaging Record Breaking Dissatisfaction with their Staffing Providers

by Jeanne Knutzen | November 10, 2015

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In an industry wide study of “user satisfaction” industry specialized pollster, Inavero, revealed that buyers’ satisfaction with staffing firm services (overall) had not only fallen sharply from last year’s ratings, but in several categories had reached all time lows. … Read More »

Message to Seattle’s Hiring Managers – What to Expect in 2016!

by Jeanne Knutzen | November 9, 2015

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With the tightened candidate market being the key issue facing most hiring managers in 2015, our clients are already asking what lies ahead in 2016. … Read More »

* Call Them Temps. Call Them Contractors. Call Them Consultants. Whatever You Call Them – You Need Them!

by Jeanne Knutzen | September 22, 2015

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Call Them Temps. Call Them Contractors. Call Them Consultants. Whatever You Call Them – You Need Them! Employers who have mastered the management of large and strategically focused flexible workforce's, and have learned to embrace this workforce rather than see it as a necessary evil, know that the workforce strategies represented by these workers are anything but temporary. … Read More »

* To Rise “Above the Crowd” You Must “Make a Difference”

by Jeanne Knutzen | September 3, 2015

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“Above the Crowd” is just one more way for us to talk about “making a difference” which has been a watchword for our company, the PACE Staffing Network, since its founding over 35 years ago. Being different by finding people for our clients who “make a difference”, and by helping our clients differentiate their businesses from their competitors, is, for us, the one and only way to truly rise “above the crowd”. … Read More »

* Why “What If” Questions Don’t Work!

by Jeanne Knutzen | September 1, 2015

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What we often find is that the interview questions that are the most clever or engaging for both interviewer and interviewee, simply don’t provide the information about candidates that the decision makers need and actually matter to placement success. … Read More »

* A Candidate Driven Marketplace

by Jeanne Knutzen | July 21, 2015

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Hiring has been a priority element of many company’s business plans since the middle of 2014, but employers continue to struggle meeting their staffing goals. Needs for operational, managerial, technical and professional staff are going unfilled for longer and longer periods of time, in many cases having a significant impact on business or service performance. … Read More »

Be “Likeable” – Get Hired!

by Jeanne Knutzen | July 14, 2015

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We often see our employer clients hire candidates they consider “likeable”, even if those candidates were not as skilled or experienced as their less “likeable” counterparts. IOW, when it comes to getting hired, candidates who have put effort into being more “likeable” in their job interviews are often the candidate’s who get the final nod. … Read More »

* Better Hires Take More Time!

by Jeanne Knutzen | July 7, 2015


As a leading provider of temporary, contract and direct hire candidates in the greater Seattle area, we regularly work with our customers to shorten the time between point of need and hiring date – an element in the hiring process that often impacts our client’s ability to capitalize on opportunities or drive unnecessary costs out of their staffing process. … Read More »

I love your “one call” access to many suppliers…

by Jeanne Knutzen | June 23, 2015

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“You give us quick and easy access to a wide range of specialty IT suppliers who could all submit their best candidates for my unique staffing needs. … Read More »

You have taken the time to understand our IT environment…

by Jeanne Knutzen | June 23, 2015

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"I love that you guys bring to the table an entire network of IT staffing vendors. With one call I have access to all of your specialized suppliers, making my job so much easier than if I had to contact each of these vendors on my own. … Read More »

Presenteeism in the Workplace

by Jeanne Knutzen | June 3, 2015

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I keep hearing people refer to “presenteeism” in the workplace. What is it and why does my boss want me to look into what it is costing the company? I’ve never heard that term before! … Read More »