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Building a Workforce with a Competitive Edge – It’s All About the “Gig”

by Guest Author | August 31, 2018


The new world of work is all about the gig. Sign up now for our next INSIGHTS WEBINAR on this topic! … Read More »

Great Job Postings in the Age of “Googlization”

by Guest Author | April 4, 2018

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In a tight labor market, writing job postings that actually attract the talent you need requires some finesse and digital savvy. Here's some basics that are important to success! … Read More »

FIVE Interview Questions You Need to Nail….

by Guest Author | December 4, 2017

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Are you getting ready to interview for a job in service or a call center and want to know more about how to put your best foot forward?  Here are the questions you need to get ready to answer.    … Read More »

Top 10 Interview DONT’S  

by Guest Author | November 14, 2017

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In our recent blog on Interview DO’S, we listed the top 10 things you SHOULD DO...This is a follow up on that blog focused on INTERVIEW DONT’S.  Find out here what NOT to do. … Read More »

Top 10 Interview DO’s

by Guest Author | November 3, 2017

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When its time to interview with one of our clients, check out these INTERVIEW DO'S! … Read More »

Do Virtual Teams Produce More? Have Less Conflict?

by Guest Author | October 10, 2017

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If you'd like to learn more about how to manage virtual teams, join us at our next one-hour, complimentary webinar, Virtual Leadership: Calibrate, Collaborate, and Celebrate, Thursday, November 16th … Read More »

Young, Old, and In Between – Northwest Employers Embrace Generational Diversity!

by Guest Author | August 15, 2017

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The Northwest is often looked at as the mecca of diversity but managing multiple generations in the workplace can be tricky. … Read More »

The “Perfect” Resume DOES ITS JOB!

by Guest Author | July 18, 2017

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From my perch a resume is “perfect” only to the extent that it does its job – i.e. it gets its owner an interview. … Read More »

* New Careers for BI-LINGUAL Candidates with Northwest Service Companies!

by Guest Author | June 2, 2016

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Whether its parlez-vous francais or habla espanol, Pacific Northwest companies are looking for bilingual employees! … Read More »

How Many Employees are Available to Hire NOW?

by Guest Author | April 11, 2016

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How much do you know about the local talent marketplace? How many employees with the skills you need are available in the local marketplace? How many and what kind of employers are looking for the same kind of employees? Who is competing against you for the available talent? How much are your competitors paying for these employees? We suspect you’d like to know… … Read More »

Question from a New Supervisor…

by Guest Author | February 25, 2016


Question: I’ve Been promoted to supervisor at my call center job. How can I be successful in this role? We’re Glad You Asked PACE! Congratulations! You’ve obviously done what it takes to master the CSR role which is what got you noticed for promotion. … Read More »

Solutions for Dysfunctional Teams

by Guest Author | December 3, 2015

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Question: I have a cross-functional team of very competent employees that used to be effective, but recently they seem to have lost their way. What’s going on and is there something that I can do to help get them back on track? … Read More »

A Year Looking on the Bright Side

by Guest Author | December 3, 2015


We all have the best intentions on January 1st—making resolutions to eat healthier or workout more or get more sleep. What if you made a resolution to live more gratefully? That’s the goal Janice Kaplan set for herself in her New York Times bestselling book, The Gratitude Diaries. … Read More »

What’s in a Name? 5 New Titles to Replace HR

by Guest Author | November 4, 2015

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HR roles are drastically different from what they were even 10 years ago, thanks to remote workforces, digitally savvy job applicants, and constant connectivity. … Read More »

Employee Behavior Outside of Work: What Can I Do?

by Guest Author | November 4, 2015

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Employees have come to me upset because a group of employees got “a little crazy” at a recent industry conference. Can I talk with them about their behavior? … Read More »

* Employee Perks Attract Talent – They Don’t Keep It

by Guest Author | October 14, 2015

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We have moved into a new era of employee benefits. While traditional benefits such as healthcare, PTO, and retirement matching are expected, employee perks like on-site free food, gyms, and massages are becoming increasingly attractive to job seekers. … Read More »

* Three Entrepreneurial Tips to Make Your Company More Nimble

by Guest Author | August 11, 2015

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instead of abandoning your employer, consider how you could take a page out of an entrepreneurial playbook and inject new energy into your organization. … Read More »

Onboarding with a Plan

by Guest Author | July 14, 2015

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Once hired, it is important that you are well prepared in advance for your new employee’s start-date. Begin by creating a checklist and regularly update it to ensure the new hire’s first day isn’t spent sitting in the lobby. Some basics to prepare include: … Read More »