Attributes of The Highly Promotable!

Attributes of The Highly Promotable!

by Marketing Team | May 5, 2017

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promotionThe ability to recognize and develop “high potential” employees can have considerable impact on a leader’s personal performance.  Experienced leaders know first hand  the exhilaration  that comes from working with employees who are able and motivated to go to the next  level.  They also know the frustration that comes from trying to advance an employee who doesn’t quite know what it takes to make an impact to today’s business environment.

Here’s a handful of attributes our recruiting team looks for when evaluating candidates for “high potential” roles.  We find these candidates in all shapes and sizes, with all levels of skills and experiences, but when it comes to identifying the “highly promotable” there are some qualities we look for that for us, indicate a high probability of success.

  1.  They have a behavioral pattern of going ABOVE and BEYOND. Their previous supervisors report that they almost always meet or exceed  their expectations and standards, PLUS volunteer for assignments outside their written  job descriptions.
  2. They tend to WORK HARDER THAN OTHERS. They come in early. They leave late.   They set and meet goals for themselves that require extra effort
  3. They have a track record of SOLVING (not complaining about) PROBLEMS.   They are resourceful at discovering/analyzing causes, and creative at finding solutions.  They regularly find ways to overcome, not get stuck behind, obstacles.
  4. They have GREAT WORK HABITS.  They have a knack for knowing what’s important and stay focused on key work until it is completed.  They are fully FOCUSED while at work, avoiding personal distractions.     They are frequently described as “self managed.”
  5. They are curious about OTHER’S PERSPECTIVES, and respect points of view different from their own. They address conflicts directly and respectfully. They avoid gossip and politics.
  6. They put their TEAM or CUSTOMER FIRST, ahead of their personal interests or gain.
  7. They TELL YOU THEIR TRUTH, even when they know it will be uncomfortable for others to hear.
  8. They DO WHAT THEY SAY. Deliver what they promise.   They role model accountability –  no drama; no excuses.

When a leader becomes clear about the attributes most important to them when considering employees for advancement, and communicate those attributes to their team, it is easier for employees to know what to expect and how to position themselves for success.

And if you’re looking to hire “highly promotable” talent, its  important to get clear on what “highly promotable” looks like to you.    While not everyone on a team needs to be “highly promotable” it’s difficult for a team to grow if the people on the team aren’t ready for what’s next.

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