Attention Virtual Leaders! Check out this INSIGHTS Webinar “Just for You”

Attention Virtual Leaders! Check out this INSIGHTS Webinar “Just for You”

by Marketing Team | October 11, 2017

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 “Virtual Leadership:  Calibrate, Collaborate and Celebrate!” featuring Northwest thought leader, Cynthia Clay.  


With an increasing number of leaders and many of our clients tasked with the challenge of managing employees working virtually – either locally from “home” or in diverse locations across the US – leadership norms have had to change rapidly.  Most of these changes are happening “on the fly” without a whole lot of thought or preparation about what’s different about leading virtually.

We think the evolution of the workforce to incorporate more and more virtual work experiences is a HUGE TREND.  If you are in a leadership role today or plan to be in one in the next year,  your chances are more than 2 to 1 that you will be asked to manage virtual employees at some time in the next two years.

We know first hand that building rapport, growing relationships, holding people accountable “from a distance” has a unique set of challenges.  When leaders can’t just walk down the hall to talk to an employee face to face, traditional leadership tool kits can appear to be seriously limited.  And while organizations have been focused on developing  new leaders to replace retiring “boomers”, training these new managers to manage virtual teams has been a challenge not always faced head on.   We now that managers who have figured out how to get results across geographic diversity will continue to be prized in a new world of work.

Our next INSIGHTS Webinar will offer ideas for both new and seasoned leaders to learn the skills of the virtual world.  Our facilitator is local thought leader, Cynthia Clay, CEO of NetSpeed Learning Solutions and well known early adopter of innovative, results-oriented virtual learning programs.  Starting her company in our back yard, Seattle Washington,  Cindy learned early to drink her own Kool-Aid.   She has spent the last decade not just leading her own team (that quickly became virtual), but teaching others located throughout the US how to do the same – yes, using her own highly effective virtual learning platform.  Her customers include a long list of prominent logos with a strong national footprint – some with a global reach.

One of her passions is taking the discoveries of neuroscience and applying  them to the challenges of virtual interactions.  Cindy will share communication techniques and methods that she knows optimizes the results available thru virtual teams – how to recognize what needs to change when you manage virtually – how to “make a difference”!

Because PACE is a company with 90% of its “workforce” working in temporary roles virtually to us, but up close and personal to our clients,  we can’t wait to hear what Cindy has to say!

We just posted Cindy’s latest blog called, Virtual Teams – Less Conflict? More Productivity? Check it out here.


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