Another Increase in Minimum Wage…….

Another Increase in Minimum Wage…….

by Marketing Team | January 3, 2019

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Washington state minimum wage….goes into effect in 2019 for all Washington Employers!

In Washington State the minimum rate you can pay any employee is now $12/hr ….one of the highest in the nation.

This wage increase applies to all employees who are least 16 years old.  (Employees younger than 16 must be paid 85% of this amount or $10.20/hr)

Seattle’s minimum wage is $4 or 33% higher than the state minimum – going to $16.00/hr for employers with 500 or more employees nationwide.

If you are a smaller Seattle employer (less than 500 employees) you can pay as little as $12/hr provided you add another $3.00 in healthcare benefits or paid out customer tips.  Absent benefits or tips, even small SEATTLE employers must pay their employee’s a minimum wage of $15/hr.

For Tacoma employers, the minimum wage is slightly higher than the state’s minimum – $12.35/hr.

For our clients located in the City of Seatac, the minimum wage matches the state wide minimum wage except for employees working in hospitality or transportation where the minimum wage goes to state high $16.09.

Reminder to PACE employer clients – PACE temporary or contract employees are subject to the applicable minimum wage in the location where they are assigned to work.

If you are a client whose home office is in Kent but you have an employee working in Seattle, we are required to pay that employee the minimum wage applicable to Seattle, not Kent. This is why our service staff always pays attention to where our employee will be working so that we can stay in compliance with local regulatory requirements.   We do that so you don’t have to.

Reminder to PACE employees….where you work makes a difference in how much you are required to be paid.

While most PACE temporary and contract employees are performing work commanding pay rates considerably higher than minimum wage we anticipate this increase in minimum wage across the state and particularly in Seattle, will tend to drive up market based pay rates for all employees across the Puget Sound.   Stay tuned.


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